We need to make Kim Ha-sung shortstop… It turns out that it’s annoying SD? “It may increase the value of the trade.”

Dennis Lin, San Diego correspondent for The Athletic, a North American sports media outlet, drew attention as he reported in the San Diego front office at the end of last season that Xander Bogaerts could change his position. Bogaerts played as the team’s starting shortstop last year. However, he could change his position someday or sooner.

Bogaerts, who signed an 11-year contract worth 280 million U.S. dollars with the San Diego Padres ahead of the last season, is an aggressive shortstop that is officially recognized by his team. He was an All-Star four times while playing for the Boston Red Sox, and acquired Silver Slugger five times. Since his Major League debut in 2013, he has recorded 175 home runs while playing for 11 seasons until last year, and his overall on-base plus slugging (OPS) ratio is 0.812. He received a whopping 300 million dollars for a reason.

However, Bogaerts’ defense is not as strong as his offense. In his early debut days, Bogaerts was evaluated as lacking in defense compared to his offense. Although he has demonstrated a better defense by posting positive numbers in both OAA over the past three years, he has actually not deviated from the average.

Lynn reported that due to these limitations, the team is discussing moving Bogaerts to a position that is less burdensome for defense, such as second base or first base, and moving Kim Ha-sung (29), who boasts the best defense in the league, to shortstop. However, the situation has yet to be materialized. San Diego manager Mike Shildt said in an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune before the start of his spring training that he is currently playing shortstop.

When he joined the San Diego Padres, Bogaerts was asked about his preferred position, and he answered without hesitation that he was a shortstop. Bogaerts’ position for the first season was determined by just one answer. The intention of a player who received nearly 300 million dollars could not be ignored from the first season. In the Major League, annual salary is power.

Shildt said he would discuss his position with Bogaerts when the spring training begins, adding that it is good for the team to have a great alternative, Kim Ha-sung. However, if Bogaerts expresses his intention to play shortstop again this year, it will not be easy to change positions. The San Diego Union-Tribune also predicted that the issue would be complicated.

“The San Diego Union-Tribune” predicted on the 9th that the exchange of positions between Bogaerts and Kim Ha-sung would become a hot topic when dealing with San Diego’s 2024 infield structure. “The San Diego Union-Tribune” said in its 2023 review, “Pole to Pole,” and San Diego’s top infielder in 2023 was Kim Ha-sung, not Manny Machado or Xander Bogaerts. After coming from Korea, defense was his strength, so it was no surprise that he won the Gold Glove in the utility category. However, Kim Ha-sung was ranked the highest in MVP voting in San Diego, where he was sluggish with 17 home runs, 38 steals, and an OPS of 0.749 in offense.”

The media then reminded Kim Ha-sung that he will qualify as a free agent after the season, and said that the possibility of a trade follows, suggesting that “It is possible to increase the value of (trade) by moving Kim Ha-sung to shortstop, but there is no sign yet that San Diego will move Bogaerts to the right (meaning second or first base), which he hopes will rebound from the All-Star.” 꽁머니

In fact, it is not necessarily because of Kim Ha-sung. San Diego is scheduled to join the Major League roster of Jackson Merrill, the team’s top infield prospect and one of the top prospects in the Major League. If San Diego is confident in Merrill’s defense, it is ideal for the club to move Bogaerts, who is at an age when his athletic ability will gradually decline, to second base or first base and Merrill will take the shortstop position. Attention is also focusing on how the club and Bogaerts will talk in spring training.

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