‘Unbeatable sensation’ Alonso replaces Klopp in Liverpool… Leverkusen ‘can’t let you go even if you die’

Bayer Leverkusen, who is an undefeated sensation this season, recently announced that he would like to join Xavi Alonso, who is rumored to replace Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool next season.

British Sports Bible said on the 12th (Korea time), “Leverkusen’s general manager hit Liverpool by revealing that Alonso did not replace Klopp,” adding, “Alonso is one of the people mentioned as a replacement for Klopp, but he is doing an impressive job after coming to Leverkusen in 2022.”

Alonso from Spain was a world-renowned midfielder who played for Real Sociedad, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. Alonso, who turned into a coach after retirement, took the helm of Leverkusen in 2022 and took charge of a professional team for the first time.

Until then, Real Youth Coach and Real Sociedad B coach were all leaders’ careers, but they were expected to advance Leverkusen to the semifinals of the UEFA Europa League.

He has continued his amazing performance this season. In all competitions, including the Bundesliga and the Europa League, he has not lost a game. Even though the half of the season is already over, he has been undefeated, surprising the soccer world. 업소알바

Leverkusen, which ranked sixth in the league last season, has 17 wins and four draws to 55 points. It has easily defeated second-ranked Bayern Munich 3-0 at home recently, widening the gap to five points and maintaining its lone lead.

Leverkusen, which was founded in 1904 and boasts a history of well over 100 years, is poised to win its first championship in the club’s history, as it has never won a first division championship. As Leverkusen continues to be a sensation, interest in Alonso is heating up.

Liverpool is the team that shows the most interest. Liverpool recently officially announced its separation from Klopp.

Liverpool announced on its official website on Feb. 26, “After leading the team to the Carabao Cup final, Klopp will continue the 2023-2024 season and wrap up his career in Liverpool for eight and a half years.” Pepin, Reinders, coach Peter Kravitz, and elite development coach Vitor Matos will also follow Klopp to leave the team. Reinders will continue to build his coaching career.”

“I understand that a lot of people will be shocked when they hear this story for the first time. But obviously, at least I can and should be able to explain,” Klopp told the club. “I love this club, the city, everything for the supporters. I love the team and the staff, I love everything. But I’m still confident it’s my decision.”

“I’m out of energy now,” he said as a reason for his retirement even though he has a contract with Liverpool until 2026. “I already informed the club of my decision in November last year,” he said, adding that the decision was not made suddenly.

With the departure of Klopp, who led Liverpool for nine years from 2015 and opened a heyday by lifting the trophy in various competitions such as the Premier League, Champions League, League Cup, FA Cup and Club World Cup, Liverpool is in a situation where it has to find a replacement. Alonso, who played for Liverpool as a player, is considered the right person.

Leverkusen, however, has no intention of letting Alonso go easily. He clearly expressed his desire to be with Alonso next season.

Leverkusen general manager Simone Rolfes said, “I think we can continue to be with Alonso. There are terms of the contract, and he and his family are feeling comfortable, too.” “We have a very good squad and we will have a better squad next year. Players who have the attention of many teams as well as coaches like Alonso want to join us,” he declared to defend Alonso.

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