Klinsmann, who said he would return to the Asian Cup, went to the U.S. in two days… to attend the Vision Strengthening Committee

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who said the South Korean national soccer team reached the semifinals of the Asian Cup and said it was not a failed tournament, left for the United States two days after he stepped on the Korean soil.

According to the soccer community on Sunday, Klinsmann left for the U.S. on Sunday. The schedule for his arrival in Korea has yet to be set.

Shortly after arriving at Incheon International Airport with his team after completing the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, Klinsmann told reporters at a press conference that he will go home next week to take a short break. However, he left Korea after two days.

After losing to Jordan in the semifinal on Thursday last week, Klinsmann said he would return to Korea to analyze the tournament and make up for shortcomings. Afterwards, Klinsmann left his post with similar comments even after entering Korea. 퀸알바

Shortly after the press conference, an official from the Korea Football Association said, “After the Lunar New Year holiday, there will be an overall part of the national team’s operation and the process of reviewing the tournament through the Power Enhancement Committee,” and added, “Coach Klinsmann will hold a meeting with officials.”

However, as he leaves for the U.S., he will have to look back on the championship without the head of the Korean national team. Realistically, Klinsmann is unlikely to return to Korea just days after leaving Korea to attend a power-enhancing committee. If he attends, he is highly likely to hold a non-face-to-face meeting, which he has enjoyed at press conferences and other events since last year.

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