The success or failure of LG’s home mound depends on the duo of Kim Bum-seok and Kim Sung-woo

Although it’s New Year’s Day, players participating in spring camps at home and abroad are in the midst of sweating.

The same applies to LG Twins players who left their spring camp for Arizona, the U.S. LG Twins players. Having grabbed the overall title last year, the closing pitcher was excluded from the previous championship, and the team has a penalty that it is limited to using Ham Deok-ju and Jung Woo-young among the previous championship records. However, LG failed to proceed with the season with full capacity last year. Instead, rookies and other players who could make up for the team’s previous performance appeared and enabled the team to advance to the championship.헤라카지노도메인

Fortunately, there are not many gaps in the lineup. Rather, the Depth can be strengthened around military service players or players who unexpectedly distinguished themselves on the international stage. In particular, in the catcher position, it can buy enough time for two young players to grow while Park Dong-won plays full time. Kim Bum-suk and Kim Sung-woo are the main characters.

Kim Beom-seok is a rising star who has highly praised Cha Myung-seok since his rookie nomination, saying, “Kim Beom-seok will be a proper noun of the KBO league itself.” Although most of the time he spent in the Futures League last year was a lot of time, and he rarely became a catcher due to his physical condition, he showed a class that he remains as good as he can in batting. In particular, he showed an extraordinary sense of hitting at the U-23 international tournament, including the Futurity All-Star Game MVP, raising expectations for the future. In response, head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop is conducting close tutoring (?) at the spring camp in charge of Kim Beom-seok. Rumor has it that he is doing his best to raise his somewhat sluggish body condition to a professional level even in high school.

Kim Sung-woo is relatively less well-known, but he is said to have opened his eyes to baseball through the U-23 tournament. At that time, he was the main catcher at the tournament, showing off his outstanding skills in both defense and offense. Rumor has it that coach Park Kyung-wan also welcomed the unexpected appearance of Kim Sung-woo. Currently, Kim Bum-suk and Kim Sung-woo are building up their defense capabilities under coach Park Kyung-wan’s harsh guidance.

For now, it is expected that Kim Bum-suk and Kim Sung-woo will take turns to gain experience in LG’s home turf this season with Park Dong-won at the center of the team’s contract expiring this year. Above all, the longer the two Young Guns will play, the deeper the depth of the team’s home turf will become. This is why coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, coach Park Kyung-wan and coach Lee Ho-joon are focusing on the two young guns.

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