MVP’s magic ceremony. It has such a deep meaning… Alphabet ‘S’ → Love dedicated to his wife

Qatar ace Akram Afif performed a magic ceremony. It was a touching ceremony of love dedicated to his wife.

Qatar beat Jordan 3-1 in the final match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Lusail Stadium in Qatar’s Aldean region at midnight on the 11th (Korea time). Qatar won the Asian Cup for the second time in a row following the previous one in 2019. Qatar also won two Asian Cup titles in total 헤라카지노. It beat Australia, Kuwait and Iraq, which each won one championship. It matched Korea, which won two titles in total.

The winning hero was Afif, a Qatari striker. He set a new record for “PK hat trick” by scoring three goals from the penalty kick alone. Afif is the first player in the history of the Asian Cup finals to score a hat trick. Afif calmly scored the penalty kick that his teammate won in the 28th minute of the second half after the first goal in the 22nd minute of the first half. He scored a decisive goal after winning the penalty himself in the second half of extra time.

Afif added three goals in the final alone, and scored eight goals to become the top scorer. Up until this match, Afif was one goal behind Iraqi striker Aymen Hussein (Al Jazeera, six goals). However, he made a great reversal in the final. He also became the MVP of the competition.

What stood out was Afif’s goal ceremony. Afif performed a magic ceremony on the day. When he took out a card showing himself from his shin protector and waved his hand, he instantly disappeared. Instead, the card changed to the alphabet “S.”

It was a goal ceremony dedicated to his wife. According to Yahoo Sports in the U.S., “Alphabet ‘S’ is the first letter of my wife’s name,” and “It was my first time to come to a stadium.” When he was named the top scorer and MVP of the competition, he showed off his affection, saying, “I want to give this award to my wife.”

Afif displayed remarkable performance in this tournament. He scored multiple goals in the first group match against Lebanon in the second group match, and also scored a goal in the match against Tajikistan in the second group match. He helped Qatar advance to the round of 16 teams as No. 1 in Group A in the third group match. Afif also had one goal and one assist against Palestinians in the round of 16. He failed to score an offensive point in the match against Uzbekistan in the quarterfinals, but scored one goal and one assist in the match against Iran in the semifinals, helping Qatar advance to the final. He scored a hat trick in the final to end the match.

Afif also had one goal and 10 assists in seven matches in the 2019 Asian Cup, contributing greatly to Qatar’s first Asian Cup victory. He also played an important role in Qatar’s second consecutive victory.

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