Minimum GPA + Tuchel also criticized… Munich freshman, worst performance → 0-3 defeat

Sasha Bui had the worst performance.

Bayern Munich lost 0-3 to Bayer Leverkusen in the 21st round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday (Korea time). The two teams are now five points shorter.

Fierce competition was expected. Munich, which aims to dominate the league for the 12th consecutive year, and Leverkusen, the “hero of the sudden change” who tries to stop the competition, faced off.

Both teams were in good flow. Munich had 50 points from 20 league matches before the match, closely trailing Leverkusen, the top-ranked team, by two points. Munich has won four games and lost one in five official matches. It has won three consecutive matches since losing to Werder Bremen in January. It scored 10 points and lost four points. It maintained a perfect balance between offense and defense.

Leverkusen was making history. 20 consecutive league matches are undefeated. Including all cup competitions, it is unbeaten in 30 consecutive matches. There are only two teams in the history of German soccer that have been undefeated in 30 consecutive matches. Also, if Leverkusen does not lose two more matches, it will tie Munich’s all-time record, according to soccer statistics magazine Squoka.

Leverkusen put Munich under pressure with an effective game management as it played at home. Despite being far behind in possession, Munich’s stable defense contributed several times to the attack. He then launched a quick counterattack to create an effective finish.

The result was a complete 3-0 victory for Leverkusen. Jossip Stanisic scored in the 18th minute to take the lead, and Alex Grimaldo and Jeremy Frimpong scored additional goals in the second half to seal the victory 월카지노.

Most of the players performed poorly, but the evaluation of “newcomer” Buoy was especially poor. Starting as a left wing-back, Buoy played 81 minutes but received the lowest score of the game with a rating of 6.2 points. He lost the ball possession 11 times and committed three fouls.

Tuchel was also bitter. According to Florian Flettenberg of Sky Sports in Germany, he said about Bui, “It shouldn’t have happened. The goal was too easy. Bui should have used his speed to stop Tela and Frimpong.”

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