Shocking appearance in Mbappe Real transfer rumors → Barcelona ‘Mbappe is a player who ruins the team’

Barcelona’s director Deku’s remarks regarding the recruitment of Mbappe are drawing attention.

Decu shared his thoughts on recruiting Mbappe through Spanish media Sport 3 on Tuesday. Decu, who played for Barcelona for four seasons from the 2004-05 season as a player, has been the Barcelona coach since last year.

When asked about Mbappe’s recruitment, Deku said, “We want to get players to balance the team. What I want is to improve the squad, not make it worse. It would be a mistake to transfer The Dragon and Araujo to Mbappe. If that happens, it will weaken the team.”

Mbappe, who is under contract with PSG until this season, is refusing to renew his contract with PSG, and his future is drawing attention. Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid is constantly drawing attention. Real Madrid does not have to pay PSG a transfer fee if Mbappe is recruited, but it is expected that an astronomical amount will be needed. 라바카지노도메인

The Sun of the U.K. said, “If Mbappe moves to Real Madrid and receives bonus, he will be paid more than Bellingham’s transfer fee. Real Madrid can recruit Mbappe, whose contract with PSG expires, without any transfer fee, but the cost will never be cheap. Real Madrid will pay bonus to Mbappe, who joins the club without any transfer fee,” adding, “Real Madrid will pay Mbappe 128.5 million pounds in bonuses.” The amount is larger than the 115 million pounds of transfer fee Real Madrid paid to Dortmund to recruit Bellingham. It is not a free recruitment. Mbappe is expected to receive 30 million pounds (50.2 billion won) in annual salary if he moves to Real Madrid. It is half of the salary he received at PSG. Mbappe will choose PSG when it comes to money issues, but Mbappe’s future does not depend on money issues.”

French media Sport said on the 6th, “The rumors of Mbappe’s transfer were steady, but there were few cases where he almost left the team,” but added, “This time, PSG management made a decision to transfer to Mbappe.” PSG is working for the post-Mbappe era. PSG began preparing for the future by recruiting Lee Kang-in, Barcola, Muani and Hamus in the transfer market last summer. If Mbappe leaves the team, various names such as Osimhen and Leanne are mentioned as players PSG will recruit.”

ESPN said on the 4th, “Mbappe has received an offer from Real Madrid, and Mbappe’s decision to join Real Madrid will be announced as early as next week. Mbappe has already made a decision. Mbappe said, “I think of Zidane and Ronaldo as idols who played for Real Madrid, and it was my dream to play for Real Madrid.”

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