‘Replacement input’ Baek Seung-ho, ‘1 key pass + 1 effective shot’ flashing performance… Birmingham lost 0-2 to Sheffield

Baek Seung-ho played his second game in a Birmingham City uniform.

Birmingham lost 0-2 to Sheffield Wednesday in the 31st round of the English Football League (EFL) Championship at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England, at 5 a.m. on the 10th (Korea time). The loss put Birmingham in the mire of its third consecutive official match 헤라카지노도메인.

Baek Seung-ho, who moved to Birmingham through the transfer market this summer, and made his debut through a match against West Bromwich Albion on the 4th. Baek Seung-ho, who was included in the replacement list, stepped on the ground in the 22nd minute of the second half in place of Miyoshi Koji and showed active movements going back and forth between the center and the side. In addition, in the situation of the team’s right corner kick, he appeared to be handling the kick by himself as a dedicated kicker.

Although it was a short period of time, he displayed light physical activity. According to the soccer statistics media “Foot Mob,” Baek Seung-ho, who played for 23 minutes, recorded 14 cheek touches, one key pass, 100 percent success rate (two out of two), and two recovery times, and the media rated Baek 6.1 points.

Then, about six days later, he was included in the Sheffield Wednesday replacement list, drawing attention once again. Paik was deployed in the ninth minute of the second half, when he was trailing 0-2. Paik replaced Ivan Sunzic on the ground, and he was active going back and forth between the second and third lines.

Baek Seung-ho, who played for about 36 minutes, performed well. According to the soccer statistics media “Sophascore,” Baek Seung-ho recorded 37 cheek touches, 76 percent pass success rate (22 out of 29), one key pass, one effective shot, 100 percent cross success rate (one out of one), 33 percent long pass success rate (one out of three), and one interception, while the media gave Baek an easy 6.8 point.

Meanwhile, Baek Seung-ho will have his first home game through the Blackburn match on Wednesday. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to make his first debut in front of home fans.

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