Why should Klinsmann be criticised ①: there is a tactic! But there is no progress

To criticize coach Jurgen Klinsmann, we must first talk about tactics.

Klinsmann is on the defensive. After creating controversy from the beginning of his inauguration, Klinsmann said, “You can criticize me after the championship,” welcoming the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup. He made it to the semifinals, but failed to achieve his first championship dream in 64 years. Amid criticism over Klinsmann, the team has divided the three categories into three categories to summarize why people have to be criticized. These are the decisions I made while watching the Klinsmann team for more than 20 days since taking the helm.

The first is tactics. Klinsmann also revealed tactical problems when he was conducting Germany, Bayern Munich, the U.S., and Hertha Berlin. The credibility was added by Philip Rahm writing in his autobiography, “Coach Klinsmann only did physical training and there was no tactical part.” As a player who received direct guidance, especially the best full-back in German history, criticized, Klinsmann’s lack of ability emerged. There was little data in 2023 because Klinsmann coached the Republic of Korea, but it was accumulated until the Asian Cup.

There is a controversy over radio, but any coach has a tactic. It is important how well the tactic fits the team and the player, the performance, and the result. It is not just another tactic, but if there is a problem, the keynote should be maintained, partial revision should be made, and changes should be made according to variables. That way, you can hear a good coach even if you are not a master.

What about Klinsmann? The so-called Plan A tactic used by Klinsmann is to place more numbers on offense in 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-2 formation. Except for two center backs and a center midfielder, all players are located within the opponent team to stage attacks. Regardless of which team they meet, they elevate their lines high to reinforce their offense.

The team that raises the line should be most wary of counterattacks. Due to the low number of defenses, a single counterattack can cause the team to collapse. Rather than raising the line recklessly, the team should adjust the gap between players. Even if they attack, they should be able to cut off the ball at any time because they have to prepare for defense, and they should be in a good position to buy time to switch to defense through supporting teammates or delays. Not only is it a player’s sense, but it is also a coach’s role.

Klinsmann’s team struggled very hard in defense unless it was the weakest team. Like Malaysia, any team that prepared well for counterattack even if it was the weakest has sweated. Kim Min-jae’s individual ability blocked it or leaned on the goalkeeper’s good defense. It was revealed that there was no adjustment of the gap and position at all. If the players failed to do what they prepared and did not fulfill their instructions during the game, the coach should come forward and shout and make adjustments, but there was also a lot of that. 월카지노주소

If they lose a point or show lackluster performance after 70 minutes, they hurriedly deployed a large number of strikers to score points by scoring crosses and long passes in front of them. This could be considered as a summary of Klinsmann’s soccer. This was the pattern of every game, and they played poorly to teams with equal or reliable capabilities. Both offense and defense failed, but furthermore, they failed to improve. They repeated as if watching the recorded version. Even if Plan A failed every time, Klinsmann stuck to it.

Even if we tried to strengthen the completeness of Plan A by continuously sending out the main players, there was no improvement. However, detailed tactics and interval adjustment that needed to be strengthened were not strengthened. There was hardly any experiment or selection of new players. As a result, the dependence on the main players increased and the cards used when variables occurred were easy for opponents to read. With only Plan A insisting, the card used here was the same, so the opponent would have been easier to prepare.

Even if it was not well revealed in the friendly match, as the opponent closely analyzed and thoroughly prepared during the Asian Cup, Klinsmann showed his bare face and showed a disastrous performance in every game.

Players were lucky to have successfully scored goals and produced miraculous results based on their individual abilities. Manager Klinsmann said the miracle was achieved because his tactics and appointment of players were right. Then, he had to leave behind a dramatic victory and try to fix and improve problems in the game, but failed in the next game. Eventually, Jordan exposed all problems in the semifinal and bowed his head.

Regardless of tactics, it is questionable whether they are properly aware of the capabilities of famous overseas players such as Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, Lee Jae-sung, and Kim Min-jae. He also failed in terms of operation. Previously, there was a lot of public opinion saying, “The period of appointment has not been long. Let’s wait and see for now,” but it is the most representative point for Klinsmann to be criticized for repeating the tactical problems he has seen throughout his leadership career and not showing any improvement.

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