Mbappe, Real transfer is not confirmed. “An annual salary + bonus 244 billion won.”

I thought I gave up the money, but it wasn’t.

Kylian Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid has faced difficulties. It’s since Mbappe demanded a lot of money from Real Madrid.

Spanish media Cadena Ser said on the 8th (Korea time), “Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid has not been confirmed yet. We have not agreed on the terms of the contract yet,” adding, “Mbappe wants 50 million euros (about 72 billion won) in annual salary and 120 million euros (about 172 billion won) in bonuses and portrait rights.”

Mbappe’s demands are at least 244 billion won (244 million U.S. dollars). Real Madrid is the richest team in the world, but the amount is too much to accept.

This is different from the original report on Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid. On the 4th, French media Le Parisien reported, “Mbappe will join Real Madrid next season. The biggest star of French soccer is going to the biggest club in the world. Mbappe is looking for the right time to announce his move to Real Madrid. For now, I will not publicize this,” announcing Mbappe’s transfer.

Follow-up reports also followed. According to ESPN, Mbappe received a contract offer from Real Madrid in January. He is also said to have endured financial losses to move to Real Madrid. ESPN reported, “Mbappe rejected Paris Saint-Germain’s offer of 72 million euros a year. If you go to Real Madrid, you will receive only half of the current salary you receive at Paris Saint-Germain.”

Of course, Mbappe will receive less money if he still goes to Real Madrid than staying in Paris Saint-Germain. However, Mbappe wants to minimize the damage.

To Mbappe, Real Madrid is the team of his dreams. He grew up admiring Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane, both of whom played for Real Madrid since childhood. He has always expressed his desire to play for Real Madrid someday.

Paris Saint-Germain also noticed something strange a few weeks ago. They started Plan B expecting Mbappe to leave. ESPN reported, “Paris Saint-Germain had a feeling for a few weeks that Mbappe would leave. Now that the future has been decided, they will sign a substitute for Mbappe. The next striker Paris Saint-Germain is AC Milan’s Raphael Leanne from Portugal.”

If Mbappe leaves, he will no longer be able to see his breathing with Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in was helping Mbappe as a helper in Paris Saint-Germain’s tactics this season. Lee Kang-in is a key point for Paris Saint-Germain, which has undergone a rebuilding this season 마카오카지노.

Lee Kang-in, who knows how to turn the ball in the center as well as attack from the left and right sides, has become the core of Paris Saint-Germain with the trust of Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Enrique. Recently, he has become a undisputed mainstay. The combination play between Lee Kang-in and Mbappe was a major weapon of Paris Saint-Germain.

Mbappe’s weight in Lee Kang-in’s attack point is also significant. When Lee Kang-in scored the first Ligue 1 attack point in the match against Brest in October last year, he connected an accurate penetration pass to Mbappe to record an assist. In the subsequent match against Montpellier, when Lee Kang-in scored his Ligue 1 debut goal, Mbappe’s exquisite breathing in front of him was noticeable.

Even after that, Mbappe is happier than anyone else when Lee Kang-in scores an attack point. In the recent French Super Cup, Lee Kang-in scored the first goal and enjoyed the joy of putting his arms around Mbappe.

If Mbappe were to move to Real Madrid, the move meant complete dismantling of the big three players that he once formed with Neymar and Lionel Messi. However, Mbappe’s unreasonable demand has made it unclear whether he will move to Real Madrid. Attention is focusing on what will be the end of Mbappe’s transfer drama to Real Madrid.

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