Seol Young-woo, who wants to advance to Europe, even received an offer… “I received ‘non-transfer’ from the club.”

Seol Young-woo (Ulsan HD) wants to play in Europe, but Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo is sticking to a firm stance because he does not want a power leak to occur immediately, which will likely make the transfer difficult this winter. “It’s a shame,” Seol said honestly.

Shortly after losing 0-2 to Jordan in the semifinals of the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Alayan, Qatar, Seol Young-woo met with reporters in the mixed zone (co-coverage zone) on the 7th (Korea time), saying, “I always had a dream about Europe,” but “I received a message from the club that it was not easy to approve a transfer.”

Earlier at the end of last month, Seol Young-woo started “counting down” the transfer when Tsurvena Zvezda (Serbia), who had been actively interested, sent an official offer. In fact, the chief scout of Germany Marco Marin (Germany) Zvezda visited Qatar in person to observe Seol Young-woo playing, and local reports said that Zvezda offered a transfer fee of 1.4 million euros (about 2 billion won) to recruit him. 라바카지노

Seol Young-woo said, “It’s difficult to accurately grasp the situation because I’m in the middle of a competition, but it’s true that the proposal came,” and added, “I’m going to think again after the competition is over. I can think more about it because I still have a transfer window. I want to try because I’m not a little old, and I don’t have a full-back who plays in Europe.”

However, with the opening of a new K-League season just a month away, coach Hong Myung-bo has disallowed Seol from transferring his team, as it could cause a power leak if he suddenly sends out his key resource Seol Young-woo. Notably, the coach made a firm statement, saying, “We can never send Seol Young-woo, as the team has already been cleared up. In response, Seol once again strongly expressed her intention to move to Europe.

Seol Young-woo said, “I always had a dream about Europe. As the military service issue was resolved this time, there was a club that actively sent love calls. As I told you before, I also made it clear that I wanted to go,” but added, “I received a message from the club that it is not easy to approve the transfer. I’m really sad, and I think these situations will remain regretful if time passes later.”

Manager Hong Myung-bo said, “I fully understand the situation. I think it is a good transfer if both the club and the players get along well.” “I understand that the transfer offer is coming and I want to move to Europe. However, Ulsan has been giving full consideration so far. I have seen some cases where the player’s position has been accepted and failed,” adding, “I have no plans to let Seol go.”

“Seol Young-woo has been classified as a key player in the new season. If he leaves, he needs an alternative. It has been very difficult since Park Yong-woo (Al-In) transferred to the team last year,” he said. “I told him clearly. I think we should do it until this season because we still have the contract period left,” he said, stressing that he has no intention of letting him go again.

Seol Young-woo is a full-back who grew up in Hyundai Middle School, Hyundai High School, and Ulsan University and made his professional debut in 2020 after joining Ulsan. He has the versatility to play from side to side. In 2021, he won the K League and the Korea Football Association (KFA) Young Player Award at the same time, and was selected as the best 11 players in the K League 1 last year. In the midst of such outstanding performances, he is also playing with the national flag.

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