KPGA Holds Season’s Highest Competition and Prizes… Chairman Kim Won-seop “Discussing Additional New Competitions”

The Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) tour schedule for the 2024 season has been confirmed.

The KPGA held a New Year’s press conference at the Press Center in central Seoul on Tuesday and announced the schedule for the KPGA tour for the 2024 season. A total of 22 competitions will take place this season, with the total prize money worth more than 18.15 billion won (1.05 billion U.S. dollars).

As the total prize money for the four tournaments has yet to be confirmed, the KPGA Tour this season is likely to surpass the highest total prize money ever, the highest average prize money per tournament, and the first total prize money in the tour history to exceed 25 billion won.

The competitions to be announced later are the 43rd GS Caltex Maegyeong Open, the 66th Korean Open, the Genesis Championship, and the new Open.

The previous season marked the largest number of competitions, the largest total prize money record, and the highest average prize money. The 2023 season will feature a total of 22 competitions, with a total prize money of 23.7 billion won (1.07 billion won or 1.07 billion won or 1.07 billion won).

There are seven new competitions in the 2024 season.

In addition to “KPGA Founders Cup with Hanmac CC,” “OOO Open,” “Web Kesh Group and Wonder Club Open with Club 72,” “OO Open,” “Dongasocio Group Charity Open (tentative name)” in September, “OOO Open,” and “KPGA Tour Championship,” which will take place in late October and early November.

In 2023, three new competitions were established.

There are a total of four competitions in which the total prize money has risen, and the “Hana Bank Invitational” and “Golf Zone-Doray Open” have decided to increase by 300 million won from 1 billion won to 1.3 billion won and from 700 million won to 1 billion won, respectively.

The Gunsan CC Open has also increased by 200 million won from 500 million won to 700 million won. The total prize money for the KPGA Tour for the 2024 season has reached 700 million won. The total prize money was 500 million won until last year.

The 67th KPGA Championship with A-ONE CC, Korea’s most prestigious competition, will also increase its total prize money by 100 million won, amounting to 1.6 billion won (1.5 million U.S. dollars) this season. The total prize money of 1.6 billion won (1.5 million dollars) is the largest amount ever for KPGA Tour and the largest amount of prize money in a single competition hosted by the 2024 season. 라바카지노주소

The total prize money of 1 billion won or more is 10 as of now. The 67th KPGA Championship with A-ONE CC is 1.6 billion won, the 2024 Woori Finance Championship is 1.5 billion won, the 40th Shinhan Donghae Open is 1.4 billion won, the SK Telecom Open and the Hana Bank Invitational are 1.3 billion won, the Hyundai Marine and Choi Kyung-ju Invitational is 1.25 billion won, the KPGA Tour Championship is 1.1 billion won, the Golf Zone and Toray Open, the Backsong Holdings and Asiad CC Open and the Dong-A Socio Group Charity Open (tentative name).

Depending on the total amount of prize money of the four competitions whose total prize money has not been confirmed, the total prize money of 1 billion won or more can be increased to a maximum of 14.

There are four competitions co-hosted by overseas tours. The 43rd GS Caltex Maegyeong Open and the 66th Korean Open in Kolon will be joined by Asian tours, the Hana Bank Invitational in Japan, the 40th Shinhan Donghae Open in Asia and Japan tours.

The opening game is the 19th DB Insurance Promy Open, which will be held from April 11 to 14 at Raviebel CC in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. The DB Insurance Promy Open will be the opening game of the 10th KPGA TOUR from 2014 to 2019 and 2021 to 2024.

The final match will be the “KPGA Tour Championship,” which runs from Nov. 7-10. The venue of the event will be announced later on Jeju Island.

KPGA Chairman Kim Won-seop said, “There are additional title sponsors who are still discussing the new tournament, but we have decided to announce the tour schedule as soon as possible for the convenience of the players,” adding, “We thank the sponsors, partners, and golf industry officials in Korea for helping us play a rich season.”

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