“Both sides of the air, not good…” Curry’s secret to victory

Curry was Curry.

The Golden State Warriors won 109-98 against the Brooklyn Nets in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on the 6th (Korea time).

Golden State lost to the Atlanta Hawks after a neck-and-neck race in overtime. Curry displayed overwhelming performance by scoring 60 points including 10 three-point shots. However, he bowed his head as he failed to prevent his team’s loss.

Curry was not frustrated. He played 34 minutes and 17 seconds on the day, displaying his presence with 29 points, five rebounds, and three assists, including four three-point shots. The field goal success rate reached 50.0 percent (12/24).

The first half was not smooth. Golden State failed to break through Brooklyn’s solid defense and made 11 3-pointers in the first half, putting only two shots in the basket. The field goal success rate was only 38.3 percent (18/47).

As the offense did not work out, the defense also faltered. Golden State dedicated 30 points to Nick Clanston, Cameron Johnson and Dennis Smith Jr.

However, it completely changed in the second half. Jonathan Kuminga, who recently boasted his outstanding performance, scored 10 points in the third quarter, and rookie Brandin Pozyski also scored eight points. Curry was in charge for the fourth quarter. He showed off his superstar influence by scoring 12 points in the fourth quarter.

Thanks to this, Golden State scored 66-49 in the second half and got the win.

Curry cited second-half performance as the secret to his victory in a post-match interview. 마카오토토

Curry said, “Both offense and defense were not good. However, I think all of the players tried to adjust to the game and implement the strategy. Fortunately, I forgot about my performance in the first half of the game in the second half and brought the flow to the team.”

Golden State coach Steve Kerr also gave a thumbs up to his team’s late performance.

“The opponent played the switch defense. He targeted it well in the first five minutes of the second half. The players showed much sharper and stronger performance in cut-ins,” Kerr said.

With the victory, Golden State had 22 wins and 25 losses, and thus had a chance to rebound. Attention is focusing on whether Curry, the Philadelphia 76ers, will be able to lead his team to consecutive wins by earning his name value.

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