Sono in Crisis, ‘Ace Lee Jung Hyun’s faded performance

Lee Jung-hyun (187 cm, G) failed to save his team from a crisis.

The team lost 89-92 to Suwon KT in the 2023-2024 regular season of the Korean Basketball Association held at the Sono Arena in Goyang on May 5. It lost four consecutive games. It also lost five consecutive games against KT. It fell from tying for eighth to being the lone ninth (13 wins and 26 losses).

Since manager Kim Seung-ki came to Goyang, Lee Jung-hyun has become a completely different player. He has become a guard who can dominate the match. He has transformed into a player who puts his energy into defense as well.

Nevertheless, Lee was nothing more than the team’s future. He showed a different performance from the 2022-2023 playoffs, however. He also maintained the momentum of the 2022-2023 playoffs in the first round of 2023-2024.

Although Sono’s foreign player lineup (Jarrod Jones-DeYonta Davis) was unstable, Lee Jung-hyun was strong. In the first round, he ranked first in overall playing time (37 minutes 23 seconds on average), first in scoring for Korean players (20.9 points on average), and second in overall assists (7.2 points on average). This was why Lee emerged as the MVP candidate in the first round, even though Sono had four wins and five losses in the first round.

Lee Jung-hyun also displayed MVP-class skills in the second round. He exited the game due to injury in the first round of the third round. Right shoulder injury. He was sensitive because he was in the shooting side. However, he returned to the game against the SK Wyverns in Seoul on January 5. He had 11 points, five assists and four rebounds, and one steal in 28 minutes and 26 seconds. He checked his sense of play and physical stamina.

However, he regained his performance soon afterwards. Despite playing 28 games, he has recorded 1.7 steals with 20.2 points and 6.4 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game. He has an average 3-point success rate of about 35.8 percent with 2.7 3-point successes. He is playing the role of a boy.

Lee Jung-hyun threw two three points from the start. It wasn’t a perfect chance, but he took advantage of a fleeting moment. But the first two shots Lee Jung-hyun tried turned a blind eye to the rim.

Even so, it was difficult for Lee to catch the ball. Jung Sung-woo (178 cm, G) was also close to Lee. As a result, both the goal scored by Lee and the derived options from Lee were difficult to come up.

However, Chinanu Onuaku (206 cm, C) scored three consecutive points, while Park Jong-ha (186 cm, G) and Kim Min-wook (205 cm, C) also launched three-point offensive. Sono, which was trailing 0-8, pressured KT with 15-16 with 4:32 left before the end of the first quarter, and Lee Jung-hyun also eased the burden to some extent.

And Onuaku helped Lee. Passed quickly after the block shot. Lee saw a three-point chance. Although Lee missed it, he intercepted a pass from Paris Bath (200 cm, F) in the next defense. He then leisurely made a layup. He reported his first goal of the match.

Lee Jung-hyun, who scored his first goal, gradually cooked up KT’s defense. After beating Jung Sung-woo in the right wing 48.6 seconds before the end of the first quarter, Lee Hyun-suk (190cm, G) and Michael Eric (210cm, C) were on defense for layups. He displayed instant speed, jumping and concentration at the finish.

Lee Jung-hyun has found more leeway. Notably, he did so in the defense lineup. He managed to steal from the front without Onuaku. After stealing from the front, he finished his solo fastball with a right-handed layup. Sono, who was chased down 27-26, put out the fire with a score of 29-26.

Sono coach Kim Seung-ki, however, deployed Lee Jung-hyun to the bench within 3 minutes and 28 seconds after the opening of the second quarter. He arranged Lee’s physical strength. However, Sono had to endure anxiety. He had to endure the absence of a first-choice player in Korea 마카오토토.

Min Gi-nam (174 cm tall, G) held out the short time well, and Lee Jeong-hyeon broke through again after substituting for the batter. Choi Sung-mo (187 cm, G) induced a foul free throw. He calmly succeeded in both free throws.

Lee Jung-hyun carried the ball regardless of KT’s backcourt speed. Penetrated into the KT paint zone at high speed. After gathering defense, he passed to Kim Min-wook in the right corner. Kim Min-wook responded with three points after the fake.

Lee Jung-hyun caught Kim Min-wook hitting the ground again. He passed to Kim Min-wook again. He led Kim Min-wook with three points. He scored three points himself at 1 minute and 56 seconds before the end of the third quarter. He widened the gap between Sono and KT to “seven” (45-38).

Lee Jung-hyun’s hand shone again when Sono was chased 45-43. After intercepting Ha Yoon-ki (204 cm, C) who was attempting to break through, he got a foul free throw from Ha. Both of his free throws were successful. He gave the lead to Sono, who almost came from behind. The score was 47-43.

Lee Jung-hyun also displayed remarkable performance in the early part of the third quarter. After overcoming a behind-the-scenes dribble and a defender’s vertical defense, he scored under the basket. He then helped Kim Jin-yu (190 cm, G) in the right wing with a cross pass from the left wing. He was involved in the first five points in the third quarter.

In addition, Lee showed a wide range of defense. He dealt with KT’s 2-2 with pressure, and tried to ease Kim’s burden with his paint zone cooperative defense. At the same time, his specialty, mid-range jumpers, kept Sono ahead for a long time.

However, Sono ended the third quarter 67-70. He was unable to defend thoroughly under the basket due to Kim Min-wook’s foul trouble. Lee Jung-hyun could not do anything about it alone. He seemed even more lonely.

Lee also faced a defensive change from KT. However, Lee gave KT three points in a short period of time. He had eight minutes and two seconds left. The score was 72-74.

However, the gap between Sono and KT has widened. However, Lee displayed strength until the end. He also left a meaningful record. As a result, he finished the game with 27 points, nine assists and five steals and three rebounds (attack 1). He played 38 minutes and 55 seconds. However, he did not enjoy the joy of victory with his teammates. This was because Sono failed to overcome the crisis.

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