Dodgers-Yankees trade for second time offseason

The New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers traded.

On Wednesday, the Yankees received bullpen left-hander Caleb Ferguson (27) and gave the Dodgers bullpen left-hander Mac Gage (30) and minor league pitcher Christian Zazueta Jr. This is the second trade between Dodgers and Yankees in the offseason.

Coincidentally, the Yankees received two bullpen left-handers from the Dodgers. They are Victor González (28) and Caleb Ferguson. The trade fills the gap in left-hander Wandi Peralta, who recently signed a five-year, 16.5 million-dollar contract with the San Diego Padres. González was traded to the Yankees on Dec. 11 last year along with shortstop Jovit Vivas. The Dodgers received shortstop Trey Sweeney.

Dodgers signed veteran bullpen right-hander Ryan Brazier (36) to sign a two-year, nine-million-dollar contract on the same day when they traded to the Yankees on the condition that Ferguson’s annual salary be 2.4 million dollars.

Brazier was very sluggish with the Boston Red Sox early last year. He posted an ERA of 7.29 in 20 games 라바카지노. The Boston Red Sox released the ball on May 21, and the Dodgers signed a free agent contract on June 4. Using pitcher-friendly stadiums as their home base, the Dodgers has transformed 180 degrees. It showed off two wins and an ERA of 0.70 in 39 games. 38 strikeouts in 38.2 innings. This is why the Dodgers signed a two-year, 9 million-dollar guarantee contract.

The Yankees were reluctant to trade with New York’s three-nation rival Dodgers until 1950. There are not many win-win trades between the two teams. One notable trade was that on Nov. 26, 1962, the World Series champion Yankees gave first baseman Bill Skowon and received pitcher Stan Williams. It failed to make an impact on both teams.

In 2003, a trade between right-handers Kevin Brown-Brandon Weeden (minor leaguer), Enshi Brazovan (bulpen), and Jeff Weaver (starter) that included cash remained a failure.

Brown, who was traded from the Dodgers to the Yankees, quietly retired from active duty after going 35-35 with a 5.35 ERA over two seasons.

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