Chinese soccer, which still doesn’t know its topic, said, “Conditions for appointing a new coach… Requires advancement to the World Cup finals + round of 36.”

Chinese soccer, the fourth-class Asian soccer team, has declared its advance to the World Cup finals in North Korea, China, and the U.S. without knowing the topic yet.

At the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, China failed to score a single goal against Tajikistan (0-0), Lebanon (0-0), and Qatar (0-1), recording two draws and one loss. As the third-ranked team in the group, China failed to make the final 16. A scoreless game in three group matches is the lowest ever scored by a Chinese national team 헤라카지노주소.

Rather than reflecting on themselves, Chinese media and fans are looking for the cause of their elimination from the outside. It targeted referee Ko Hyung-jin, who was the referee for the match against China in Lebanon. The logic is that China missed the victory because Dai Weijun was photographed by Kamis’ soccer shoes, but referee Ko Hyung-jin did not send him off.

Coach Aleksandar Jankovic, who led his team for the past year, is also blamed. The Chinese Football Association replaced Aleksandar Jankovic, who led the team for the past year. The reasoning is that China failed to win due to his incompetence.

Later, the Chinese Football Association offered coach Choi Kang-hee and coach Seo Jung-won the position of national team coach, saying, “We decided to nominate a foreign coach who successfully leads the Chinese Super League,” but was rejected.

The conditions of the new coach of the Chinese Football Association have been revealed. “The Chinese Football Association has started contacting candidates for the next coach. The top priority is to advance to the World Cup in North Korea, China and the U.S. The number of countries that advance to the finals has increased to 48. “The most realistic goal is for the Chinese national team to advance to the round of 36 first,” said Soohoo.

He has set his goal as the next coach to even advance to the round of 36 at the World Cup finals, which he has never advanced to. China, ranked 79th in FIFA rankings, was not even aware of the fact that it was 11th in Asia, either.

At the World Cup between North Korea, China and the U.S., eight Asian countries will have to go straight to the finals, and the other one will have to go through intercontinental playoffs. Considering China’s current capabilities, no matter how many teams advance to the World Cup finals to 48 teams, it should be considered that China has zero chance of advancing to the finals.

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