“I’m not interested in the king of newcomers.” Kim Seo-hyun’s growing pains get hints from Moon Dong-ju, the “second-year success.”

He threw a fastball up to 160 kilometers per hour and never failed in high school. He was confident after winning the Hanwha Eagles’ nomination as the No. 1 overall pick, but suffered a painful year. Kim Seo-hyun (20) was mature as he was sick.

Kim Seo-hyun, who joined the Hanwha Eagles in 2023 as the No. 1 player in the first round for a down payment of 500 million won, had a painful first season. He dreamed of finishing the game, but only garnered one save and an earned run average (ERA) of 7.25 in 20 games.

Except early in the season, she spent most of her time in Futures League (minor league). “I felt my limitations rather than what was difficult, and when I felt my limitations for the first time, I wandered around and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do more to help,” Kim told reporters after finishing training in Melbourne Ball Park in Victoria, Australia on Sunday.

Thus, during the 50 days that he had spent in the primary league until June, he failed to figure out which way to join the secondary league. Coach Choi Won-ho, who took the helm during the mid-season, instructed Kim Seo-hyun to take the starting class. He sought to enable him to adapt himself to the professional stage by throwing as many pitches as possible. After being kicked out of the second tier 1 entry in August, he spent time in the secondary league until the end of the season to prepare for the new season.

He sweated heavily during the closing camp and individual training sessions. He has also been assigned to a position for the new season. He is a setup man. “We discussed ways to maximize Seohyun’s performance and concluded that it would be better to go toward a shorter inning than a longer inning,” manager Choi Won-ho said on the 2nd. “He has the quality of finishing. He is encouraging him to ‘throw confidently with your pitch’ instead of thinking about throwing it long.

Her spirituality has disappeared this time last year. Rather than her confidence has decreased, she has matured as much as she is in pain. “I want to reduce my ups and downs and stay with the main team longer than last year,” Kim said. “My ball control was not good last year. I talked a lot with my pitching coach Park Seung-min, thinking about it, and finding complementary points. I have a strong idea to improve my skills and show different sides compared to last year.”

The confirmation of the position also helps us prepare for the upcoming season in a more planned manner. “Last year, I went around as a bullpen and starting pitcher, and there was no exact position,” Kim said. “This year, I throw one inning each for a short time. 헤라카지노도메인 Thank you so much for giving me a chance to throw a bullpen session. I want to maintain stable position in the middle and spend a year more comfortably than last year.”

Coach Choi Won-ho repeatedly nodded and said, “I feel much better,” while watching Kim Seo-hyun’s bullpen pitching. “I have to throw fastballs, which are my strengths, with more confidence,” Choi said. “Last year, I couldn’t control my ball, which led to a significant increase in the portion of breaking balls. I need to instill confidence in fastballs, and I’m trying to focus on my main weapon rather than throwing different breaking balls.”

Still, he has the best talent in the league. “He is a pitcher who shoots balls in the middle of 150 kilometers. It is not easy for batters,” Choi said. “His form is not that pretty, and that is rather a threatening aspect. When I ask Kim Hyun-soo or other batters, they say it is a little scary. It would be nice if such a player settles down.”

Trial and error can be nourishing. “In the secondary league, seniors and coaches also told me that I can’t do well in my first year unconditionally, that I have growing pains once in a while, and that I hope you don’t worry too much,” Kim said. “Now I’m definitely better than last year. There were a lot of people talking about fixing my form, but this time I’m trying to keep it fixed.”

Moon Dong-ju, who had ups and downs in his first year after joining the team as the first candidate amid keen interest, is a good role model as he emerged as the ace player of the national team with the rookie award last year. “It was amazing to see Dong-ju do it last year. I’ve recovered like that in a year, and I wanted to learn from him,” Kim said.

He pitched only 22 ⅓s last season, and is expected to continue his bona fide competition with Hwang Joon-seo, the No. 1 rookie in the team, who can maintain his status as a rookie this year. However, Kim Seo-hyun said, “I am not very interested in rookie awarding. I played with him in the youth team when I was in high school, and I just want to let him know more than competition.”

However, people around him have different expectations. If he can display his talents to the fullest, he will be able to compete with Hwang for the Rookie of the Year award. The key to success is how well he can shake off his sluggish performance in the debut season and step-up like Moon Dong-ju.

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