GK’s main striker is accused of sex crimes… Japan collapsed from the inside

Moriyasu Japan, which had a good wind, eventually lost to Iran and stopped his challenge to win the fifth Asian Cup early.

Japan, led by head coach Moriyasu Hajime, lost 1-2 to Iran in the quarterfinals of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Education City Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar on the 3rd.

Japan, which holds the record of winning the most Asian Cup titles (four times), was considered the No. 1 candidate to win the Asian Cup. Not only sports media but also betting companies viewed Japan’s chances of winning the title the most.

Japan was evaluated as the best among Asian teams in terms of game content at the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup held about a year ago.

After surprising everyone by defeating Spain and Germany 2-1 one after another, the team made it to the round of 16.

Even after the World Cup, Moriyasu continued to display stellar performance. In September last year, he garnered a landslide 4-1 victory in an away friendly match with Germany.

Now, there is even an evaluation that there is no opponent of Japan in Asia.

However, when the Qatar Asian Cup began, Moriyasu collapsed from the “inside.”

mixed-race goalkeeper Suzuki Zaion, who Moriyasu ambitiously put forward as his main player, exposed a very unstable performance.

Suzuki, who plays for Sintra Widon in Belgium, is a promising player who was so excited that he received an offer from England’s prestigious Manchester United.

However, when I was on the Asian Cup stage, I made a series of mistakes.

Japan lost every game from the group stage to the quarterfinals, many of which came due to Suzuki’s error-making play.

Suzuki is also responsible for Japan’s advance to the round of 16 by falling to second place, not first place in Group D.

As Japan reached the round of 16 as the second-ranked team in the group, it faced Iran, a “hard enemy,” in a relatively early quarterfinal, and eventually suffered an early elimination.

After Japan reached the round of 16, its main striker Junya Ito was sued for sex crimes, causing a stir.

According to Japanese media reports, Ito is suspected of having sex without consent after drinking with two women.

The back-and-forth administration of the Japan Football Association (JFA) has further raised controversy.

JFA announced on the 1st, a day after the report, that it will be called off from the national team. 월카지노도메인

That evening, however, he reversed this decision. As voices calling for Ito’s stay grew louder within the Japanese national team, the cancellation of the call was put on hold.

However, the team finally decided to exclude Ito from the team the next morning. It was the day before the game against Iran.

Moriyasu’s remarks at a press conference the day before the game also raised controversy.

Comments such as “I want to cherish my (Ito) mental and physical health” and “I feel very sorry for (Asian soccer fans) to see them without the world’s best (Ito).”

From the perspective of the woman who complained of the damage, it was a statement that was inevitably felt as a “secondary offense.”

Moriyasu also criticized reporters for saying, “Don’t push too hard.”

Moriyasu, who was shaken from the inside, eventually packed up early in the quarterfinals.

“I feel sorry for the team members. I feel a sense of responsibility,” Moriyasu said at a press conference after the match. “The players did their best. Iran deserved to advance to the semifinals.”

“The Asian Cup is over. Now I will show my competitive edge in the qualifying round for the World Cup between North Korea, China and the U.S.,” he said.

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