Tottenham completed recruitment of ‘handsome’ midfielder Lucas Veribal… Agent Kulusevski’s sales are successful!

The third transfer came out this winter.

Tottenham Hotspur announced its recruitment of Lucas Verrival through its official website on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time). According to the British media The Athletic, Verrival has a five-year contract term.

Swedish midfielder Beribal is a rising star who has recently attracted attention from big clubs. He made his debut in the main league at a young age, and even made the roster of the Swedish national team.

Last season, he played 25 matches in the league and scored two goals and one assist. Veribal is basically a central midfielder, and he is 186 centimeters tall and fast. He is also a promising player with his good looks and star quality.

Veribal, who has been recognized for his talent, has been drawing attention from big clubs since late last year. Manchester United, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Juventus were keeping an eye on Veribal’s moves. Then, Barcelona was seen as the most likely destination. “Veribal has accepted the move to Barcelona,” said Fabrizio Romano, an Italian reporter familiar with the transfer market, signaling that the transfer is imminent.

However, Tottenham succeeded in hijacking here. The British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 30th that “Tottenham is attempting to hijack Veribal under the direction of director Johan Lange.” In addition, the British media ‘Sports Witness’ also said, “Tottenham is showing interest in Veribal.”

Since then, Veribal’s recruitment has been carried out without hesitation. Tottenham quickly moved to recruit Veribal. David Onstein of The Athletic said, “Veribal visited Tottenham on the 30th and met with manager Enze Postecoglou and chairman Daniel Levy.” Immediately, Veribal switched to Tottenham instead of Barcelona.

In the process, it was confirmed that there was advice from Dejan Kulusevski, a senior member of the Swedish national team. Kulusevski reportedly met Beribal in person and persuaded him to move to Tottenham. Later, Tottenham eventually succeeded in recruiting Beribal.

Prior to the transfer, Verbal drew attention by following Son Heung-min on his social networking service (SNS). Also, coincidentally, it was Verbal’s birthday when Verbal’s official Tottenham account was revealed. In response, Tottenham uploaded an official video of celebrating Verbal’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Tottenham recruited Timo Werner and Radu Dragusin this winter before recruiting from Veribal. Tottenham officially announced on the 10th that it has been renting Werner from Leipzig until the end of the season on the 10th. It is a lease contract that includes a clause that allows Werner to pay his salary and be fully recruited at the end of the season.

Wearing a Tottenham uniform, Werner said, “A lot of things made me fall in love with Tottenham. Manager Enze Postecoglou told me why I should join Tottenham and how to do it. I once faced Tottenham in Chelsea and Leipzig. I am happy to be a member of the Tottenham club. I thought everything was just right for me.”

Werner, who ranks second in the Bundesliga in the 2019-20 season, wore a Chelsea uniform with high expectations ahead of the 2020-21 season. Chelsea has activated a £47.5 million buyout to recruit Werner. In the first year of his transfer, he scored six goals and 12 assists in 35 Premier League matches, and led his team to a championship by scoring 12 goals and four goals and two assists in the UEFA Champions League.

However, his ability to score goals was pointed out as a problem. He pointed out that he lost confidence as the so-called “Big Chan Smith” who missed critical scoring opportunities accumulated. As Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel did not seem satisfied with Werner, Chelsea recruited Romelu Lukaku ahead of the 2021-22 season. 헤라카지노주소

Werner, who gave Lukaku the position as front-line striker, has lost ground. In his second season with Chelsea, he only had four goals and one assist in 21 matches, and eventually returned to his old club Leipzig after the season ended. Werner also drew attention by saying that his failures at Chelsea were external factors, not him. After moving to Leipzig, he said in an interview, “Look at the success I had in Germany and Chelsea. I played in almost every game in my first season (at Chelsea). I won the UEFA Champions League in the 2020-21 season, scored in the semi-final against Real Madrid, and scored a lot of goals,” before adding, “All these things disappeared because of the coach. It’s unfair. That’s why I went back to Leipzig to enjoy myself again.”

“Coach preferred a certain player over other players. That was obvious. I had to accept it. So I just wanted to leave.” “The biggest problem is that I played in almost every game in the first division and won the Champions League, and I had a striker like Lukaku in front of me next season,” he said. “The hardest thing was to bring a very good player in front of me for 120 million euros. Lukaku was a star striker. I had to hire him because I spent too much money, but I don’t think it was enough. Maybe that’s why I had ups and downs.”

On the 12th, the company announced the recruitment of Dragusin through its official website. The contract period is until 2030. The transfer fee is known to be 30 million euros. Tottenham is moving fast in this winter’s transfer market. It recruited Timo Werner as the first winter transfer market, and even Dragusin. It was completed in an instant.

Reports on the contract between Dragucin and Tottenham have already poured in in in the UK. The Sun, a British media outlet, said on Wednesday that Tottenham agreed to a contract with Dragisin. Another media outlet, The Astralik, also said, “Tottenham and Genoah have reached a complete agreement on the transfer of Dragisin. Genoah accepted Tottenham’s offer to recruit Dragisin overnight. Dragisin will move to London on the evening of the 10th.”

Experts in the European transfer market have singled out Tottenham as the destination for Radu Dragucin (22, Genoa). Fabrizio Romano said Dragucin chose to join Tottenham, adding his unique expression “Here we go!” Alesdair Gold of the British media Football London also said Dragucin is joining Tottenham. Gianluca Di Margio of Italy also announced Tottenham’s victory, saying, “Bayern Munich was confident in Dragucin’s hijacking but failed in the end.”

The move to Tottenham largely reflected Dragusin’s intention. In fact, his agent, Florin Manaea, expected Dragusin to go to Bayern Munich. The agent himself preferred to go to Munich. Manaea said, “I can’t believe we refused to move to Bayern Munich. Dragusin wanted to go to Tottenham. I’m actually still a little bit heartbroken.”

Bayern Munich lured Dragusin by offering twice as much annual salary as Tottenham. The agent who receives annual commissions naturally wanted the player to move to Bayern Munich. The agent was embarrassed.

“Bayern Munich is one of the biggest soccer teams. I can’t believe they turned down such a proposal. But this is what Dragusin made,” Dragusin’s agent Florin Manaea said in an interview with Romanian media GSP on Wednesday.

“The move to Tottenham was what Dragusin and his family wanted. Dragusin is happy. We are going to Tottenham now,” he said. “We made the final decision only in the morning. It was a very difficult decision. Bayern Munich strongly wanted Dragusin. He offered more money than Tottenham. However, Dragusin said going to Tottenham was the right step in his soccer career. We thought to each other all night. I didn’t sleep a wink. I wondered if there would be any pros and cons between Tottenham and Bayern Munich. Dragusin didn’t choose money. He chose his career over money. This is commendable.”

Dragusin’s eyes were on the Premier League. He has always wanted to play in the Premier League. In the end, he chose the stage that he belongs to rather than the team. Manaea said, “How many people would reject Bayern Munich’s offer? In particular, the salary gap with Tottenham was significant. Bayern Munich offered almost twice as much money. However, money was not a priority for Dragusin. He always wanted to play in the Premier League.”

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