The first news came out, “Il, I lost my right winger”… “Sexual crime charges” Jun Ito, released from the convocation

“We lost the right winger.”

The Japan Football Association officially announced on Feb. 1 (local time) that it will be called off from Junya Ito. Before the official announcement, Masafumi Mori of Japan’s Japan Football LLC met with Korean reporters at the Doha Media Center and said, “We lost our right winger. Ito was called off due to personal issues that everyone knows, and the announcement will be made soon.” Soon the announcement was made by the Japan Football Association, and Ito will no longer be able to play in the Asian Cup.

Ito is a Japanese national winger. Born in 1993, he improved his skills by playing for Banpo-le-Gohoo, Kashiwa-Reysol and others. He left an impression through his fast feet and tremendous activity. He moved to Europe after joining Genk and became one of the best wingers in French Ligue 1 through his stellar performance at the Stade de Reims. He also surprised Korean fans by showing off his dominance in Lee Kang-in’s showdown with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) this season. 월카지노

Coach Hajime Ito Moriyasu, who is fiercely competing in Ligue 1, has always appointed him as an official player. He has been a regular player at the Asian Cup as well. He played throughout the group league. In the match against Vietnam and Iraq, Ito started from the bench but came out as a substitute. With his performance expected at the tournament, Ito was caught in sexual assault charges. Japanese media reported that Ito was involved in sexual assault charges just before the match against Bahrain.

Japan was shocked by the shock that came up ahead of the match against Bahrain. Ito was benched in the match against Bahrain and did not appear in the game. For Japan, Zaion Suzuki, Yuma Nakayama, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ko Itakura, Seiya Maikuma, Endo Wataru, Leo Hatate, Takefusa Kubo, Doan Ritz, Keito Nakamura and Ayase Ueda were among the starters.

With Japan’s 3-1 victory in scores of Doan, Kubo and Ueda, Moriyasu said in an official press conference after the match, “It’s hard to talk about anything here because there’s something to check if it’s true. However, I’ll find out a little more and respond to it.” It seemed to have complex and subtle emotions.

In mixed zone interviews, Ito declined interviews with all Japanese reporters. Japan had high interest in how to handle Ito, who appeared complicated. Eventually, he was called off. The Japan Football Association said, “We do not know whether it is true yet, but it has been called off today considering Ito’s mental state. We apologize for causing concern to our fans.”

Ito reported that the victim’s claim was false and that he would file a counter-argument. Moriyasu said, “I am not too worried because I can fill Ito’s vacancy with Doan, Ku, and Takumi Minamino, but it will be regrettable that a good offensive option has been deviated due to personal issues, not injuries.

Meanwhile, Japan will meet Iran in the quarterfinals after beating Syria after a penalty shootout. Mehdi Taremi is not allowed to go out, but she is full of good strikers, including Sardar Azmoun, and her strong defense and steel-like physique are burdensome. This is a showdown between Japan and Iran, which is considered a preliminary final.

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