“No explanation and selfish”… Why Mbappe PSG is leaving → Because of Enrique, the director of “Unstoppable.”

Kylian Mbappe is leaving Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) because of Luis Enrique.

Spain’s Cadena Ser said on Sunday (Korea time), “Mbappe’s future is almost decided. But few people know what that will look like. Will he remain at PSG, Real Madrid or move to another team? French media are confident that Mbappe is not expressing dissatisfaction with his current position as he will leave PSG,” adding that Mbappe has decided to leave PSG because of Enrique.

“Mbappe thinks this is his last season at PSG. The biggest problem is Mbappe’s position on the field. Mbappe doesn’t like position No. 9, but he doesn’t like it because it’s his last season anyway,” the media said. “Enrique’s decision was a deviant one. His actions made him leave Mbappe. Enrique doesn’t want to explain anything, and he is showing a contemptuous and selfish attitude.”

Mbappe, who has been rumored to be moving to Real since last summer, is currently agonizing over whether to stay at his club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) or move to Real. One of the reasons he wants to leave PSG amid the heavy weight of his transfer to Real is Enrique’s use of the No. 9 striker.

Mbappe is known to prefer to play as a left wing forward, but he currently plays the No. 9 role at PSG. Mbappe is forced to play in the center as players who were originally brought in with expectation for the No. 9 striker role showed below-expected performance.

However, it seems that Enrique did not talk to Mbappe enough to understand the current situation in the process. Media outlets explain that Mbappe does not bother to complain because he is already determined to leave.

Spanish media, including Cadenaser, are almost certain that Mbappe will move to Real. Some media, including France’s Foot Mercato, also predicted that Mbappe is likely to leave for Real.

Recently, Footmercato said, “Mbappe recently agreed with Real. The transfer between Real and Mbappe, which started in 2019, is coming to an end,” adding, “Mbappe wants to lead the situation and progress has been made. A few days ago, Mbappe agreed with Real. Mbappe sent an OK sign to Real.”

However, it was reported in England that Mbappe would move to Liverpool and take on a new challenge in the Premier League.

Global sports media GOAL said, “Liverpool is leading the bid to recruit Mbappe. The PSG star, who was not impressed by the Real project, has refused to move to Real Madrid and is seeking a move to the Premier League,” adding, “Real has long tried to recruit Mbappe, but Mbappe is dissatisfied with Real’s agreement. He is also considering other options including the Premier League 헤라카지노.”

Against this backdrop, the astronomical amount of annual salary Mbappe currently receives at PSG has become a hot topic of conversation. Mbappe receives an annual salary of 132 million euros, including basic annual salary and bonuses. Among them, 72 million euros is paid as a basic annual salary.

“When I was 12, I thought too much money was spent on the soccer community,” Mbappe said. “I didn’t steal (the money I am making now) from others. That’s how I deserve to make money and I am proud of myself. That’s how the world works right now,” he said. “I am receiving the money that I deserve.”

On top of that, RMC Sports of France said, “Mbappe is currently earning 100 million euros in advertising revenue. PSG is ready to offer Mbappe a corresponding annual salary,” adding that it has prepared an annual salary increase of up to 100 million euros (about 145 billion won).

Unlike PSG, which is scheduled to propose an unprecedented salary increase, Real has no intention of giving Mbappe much money. Rather, a salary cut should be made.

Global sports media ESPN reported, “Real’s recent offer to Mbappe is lower than its offer in the past. Real is not reluctant to let Mbappe become the highest-paid player in the team, but he is reluctant to break the wage system,” adding, “He doesn’t want to pay much more than existing stars such as Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Junior.”

So far, Real has reportedly made no suggestion to Mbappe. However, Mbappe will have to leave PSG in the last season of his contract with the club. He has to leave PSG after June. There is a high possibility that he will transfer if not Real. Mbappe will announce his position before the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 against Real Sociedad.

Questions are mounting over whether Mbappe will accept PSG’s proposal and stay or leave PSG away from coach Enrique.

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