The happening surrounding Heo Woong’s true record of “10 3-point shots”… “I didn’t know, it’s a waste.” Why do you regret it late?

“Heo Woong was out of nowhere,” Choi Joon-yong (30, KCC) shouted to his home fans after the home game against Anyang Chungjang in the professional basketball league on the 29th. After winning the home game, Busan KCC offers a fan service by selecting its own training players and putting them on the cheering stage, and Choi Jun-yong, who was on the stage, shouted at the end, “I won thanks to Heo Woong.”

Busan fans were all the more enthusiastic about Choi Jun-yong’s “conceptual remarks,” which effectively proved that the true MVP is Heo Woong. As such, Heo Woong was the best protagonist of the game. With 32 points and 5 assists, including 10 three-point shots, he led his team to a 108-99 victory. Not only did he lead his team to two consecutive wins, but he also set a new record.

Heo Woong was a “credible shooter” on the day. 6:04 before the end of the first quarter, he opened the outer shot with “counter-fire” on Chung’s two consecutive three-pointers. Soon after, when Chung Hyo-geun, the head of Chung’s team, added a three-pointer to beat KCC’s willingness to pursue him, Heo Woong responded with three-pointers in 23 seconds. After finishing the warm-up, Heo Woong fired fiercely in the second quarter, adding four three-pointers. As a result, KCC ended the first half 54-42 to secure the victory early on. One minute and 53 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, Heo Woong added a fan service to score three points for KCC’s last goal of the day, completing 10 games.

This is a significant record. This is the first time in 11 years that a particular player has made 10 3-pointers in a game since Cho Seong-min (coach Jeong Kwan-jang, then Busan KT) in 2013. This marks the third overall ranking in this category following 12 and 11. Previously, Moon Kyung-eun (22) and Woo Ji-won (21) had the record, but they practically do not approve it due to controversy over “pushing competition for personal records” at the time.

Aside from this, Heo Woong could have achieved another “new record” if he had added one more. The distance of three-point shots, which was 6.2 meters, has moved one step further to 6.75 meters based on world-class standards from the 2009-2010 season. Since Coach Cho Sung-min set the best record of 10 after extending the distance, Heo Woong has thus lost the opportunity to achieve true “existence.”

Behind the scenes, there was a ridiculous happening. This happened because everyone around him was unaware of the true record. Coach Jeon Chang-jin tried to eliminate Heo Woong, who started the game, when the victory was virtually confirmed in the second half of the fourth quarter. However, Heo Woong complained to the public, saying, “I will add one more.” Coach Jeon, who did not know the details, continued to give him a chance, and replaced him with Lee Geun-hwi with 1:38 left after scoring his 10th 3-pointer 1:53 before the closing.

Huh insisted on just one more. “I wanted to make 10 double-digit numbers,” he said. He had no time to pay attention to his record of making the most 3-pointers in a single game. 월카지노도메인 The same was true for Jeon. Knowing that he was able to set a new record belatedly, Huh said, “Really? Oh, that was close. I should have made 11 more.” Cho Seong-min, the previous record holder, was watching from the bench of the opposing team’s headquarters. If Heo Woong sets the new record in front of Cho, it would have been a hot topic of conversation, but it flew away.

Jeon was even more disappointed. “I had no idea. I just wanted to add one more. If I had 11 new records, I shouldn’t have replaced them,” he said. “It was also my fault. I should have tried to add one more somehow, instead of being satisfied with 10 more…”

Frontiers of the club had different views. “His younger brother Heo Hoon (KT) has the record of nine three-point shots per game, and he thought he was obsessed with 10 to prove that there is no brother like him,” sources from the club said. KCC had a hard time keeping track of Heo Woong’s true record. However, it gave fans a big laugh.

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