“If you can’t recruit Tuckman… How about trading him to Milwaukee?” U.S. media’s proposal, counter-benefits are center field + must-win

An article has been published that can guess the trade value of Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres).

The U.S. “Fox Sports” proposed nine win-win trades between teams seeking the Major League postseason on the 30th (Korean time). Kim Ha-sung and San Diego, which have been rumored to be traded throughout this winter, could not be left out.

Media outlets suggested that San Diego take outfielder Mike Tuckman (33) and left-hander Tom Cosgve (27) from the Chicago Cubs in the seventh trade. It is Tuckman, who played for the Hanwha Eagles in the KBO League for one year in 2022 and returned to the big league last year from the Cubs. Last year, Tuckman posted a batting average of 252 (85 for 337) with eight homers and 48 RBIs in 108 games last year. Since his big league debut last year, left-hander Sidam Cosgrove has pitched well with 44 strikeouts and one win, two losses and one earned run average of 1.75 ⅓s in 54 games (51 innings).

“San Diego has also included center fielder Trent Grisham in a trade with Juan Soto of the New York Yankees. Jose Azoka is available, but he needs one more center fielder. Tuckman, who played for the Yankees in 2019, has recovered from his short slump as a solid center fielder option in the Cubs. If Cody Bellinger eventually returns to the Cubs, the value of the Tuckman trade will increase. Even if Bellinger moves to another team, he can completely hand over the center fielder position to Pete Crow-Armstrong, a top prospect,” the media said, predicting that the Cubs, which have abundant center fielder resources, will be able to strengthen the left-hand bullpen that lacks sufficient resources by receiving Cosgrove from San Diego by using Tuckman as a card.

He then stressed the need to recruit Tuckman, saying, “It may be a waste to give up Cosgrove to bring in a 33-year-old outfielder like Tuckman, but San Diego has strengthened its pitching staff this winter, and it is more urgent to reinforce the outfield to compete for the right rankings.”

Kim Ha-sung’s name was then mentioned as a trade proposal. The media said, “Kim Ha-sung, who is loved by his fans, has become an interesting trade candidate for San Diego. Some argue that Kim Ha-sung should be traded now to recruit players who can help the team in the long term, as he becomes an FA after this season, and the San Diego infield is full of long-term contracts.”

The media then said, “If San Diego fails to bring in Tuckman, it can target Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Joey Wimmer (24) from a long-term perspective,” citing Milwaukee outfielder Wimmer and right-hander Bryce Wilson (26) as Kim Ha-sung’s counter-benefit.

Right-handed center fielder Wimmer, who made his big league debut last year, had a batting average of 244 (75 hits in 367 at-bats) in 132 games with 13 homers and 42 RBIs, which was disappointing, but he is an outfielder with excellent defense. He has displayed his power with double-digit homers, and he has high expectations for future batting development as well.

Wilson, a right-handed bullpen, has also joined the team in a trade package. Wilson, who debuted with the Atlanta Braves in 2018, has recorded a total of 109 games (43 starts, 309 innings) with 15 wins, 17 losses, four saves, and five holds in six seasons through the Pittsburgh Pirates and a 4.81 ERA. Last year, when he was fixed as a full-time bullpen, he garnered six wins, three saves, five holds and an ERA of 2.58 strikeouts in 53 games (76 ⅔ innings), making him a must-win group.

Fox Sports suggests that in order for Milwaukee to take Kim Ha-sung, it should give up two players,라바카지노도메인 including its main center fielder and its key bullpen. The media said, “It’s too big in return for bringing in a player with only one season left on his contract. However, Kim Ha-sung is a perfect fit for the Milwaukee roster. If Milwaukee catches Corbyn Burns and Willie Adames and recruits additional players like Rhys Hoskins, Kim Ha-sung can complete the fielders in a very interesting way.”

“Kim Ha-sung’s exceptional defense can definitely upgrade the third base. It can be a valuable insurance policy at second base with Bryce fighting, which is in the process of growing up in the big league. The development he showed in batting last year can further develop in Milwaukee’s batter-friendly stadium,” he said, expecting positive effects when he joined Milwaukee. Milwaukee also has Adames, who is on the trade market as a reserve FA, as its main shortstop. Even if Adames remains in Milwaukee, Kim Ha-sung will be the best player given the weak composition of the team.

However, media outlets downplayed Kim’s chances of success, saying he is still one of the best players in San Diego and is skeptical about the possibility of a trade. As Kim’s value is increasing so much, it is not easy to match the cards realistically. Milwaukee cannot afford to sign an extension contract with Kim Ha-sung. It is almost impossible for the team to use Kim Ha-sung only for one year after giving up Wimmer and Wilson, who have five and three years left until the FA, respectively.

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