I jumped a lot, but I twisted my spin… Shin Ji-ah, the “Bloody Star.”

Shin Ji-ah (16, Yeongdong Middle School), a “picture new star,” won a silver medal at the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics.

In the women’s free skating competition held at Gangneung Ice Arena on Thursday, Shin took second place with 125.35 points. In the short program two days ago, she scored 66.48 points to rank second with 191.83 points overall. The gold medal went to Japan’s Mao Shimada (16) who earned 196.99 points overall. Shimada, who won first place (71.05 points) in the short program, fell on her bottom while performing quadruple toe (four spins) in the free skating, but she also took first place with 125.94 points. 마카오토토주소

Shin, who finished third in the short program, succeeded in all seven jumping elements including the triple combination jump, but received a score that was more than 10 points lower than her personal best (136.63 points). She got zero points due to her change foot combination spin mistake. The spin speed was not enough. “I was surprised to make a big mistake for the first time in a spin, but I think it’s better to experience this quickly,” Shin said.

Shin Ji-ah, who waved the Korean national flag and cheered for Kim Hyun-kyum when he won the upset title in the men’s singles free on the previous day, said, “Hyun-kyum must have been very nervous. I also gained strength by watching that.” Shin Ji-ah, who played the game with her idol, “Figure Queen” Kim Yu-na, watching from the stands, said, “I honestly visited (Yu-na) before warming up. I looked for her, saying, ‘Are you there?’ but I couldn’t find her because there were too many people. Still, thank you so much for coming to the stadium.”

Some assessed that women’s figure skating competitions at this year’s event will show as good performance as those at the adult Olympics. This is because Shin Ji-ah and Shimada, who can compete for medals in the senior stage, participated in the event. As the name of Shimada is the same as Mao Asada of Japan, Kim’s rival, foreign media also expressed keen interest in the rivalry between Shimada and Shin.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach, IOC member Kim Jae-yeol, who is chairman of the International Skating Union (ISU), IOC Ethics Committee Chairman Ban Ki-moon, and singer Psy visited the stadium to watch it. “Did Psy come? Did you not see it?” Shin Ji-ah laughed after the game.

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