Rogers from Hanwha pitched 10 innings and allowed one run… Lost Game 7 of the Final Series of the Dominican League → Unfortunate runner-up

Esmail Rogers and Henry Sosa, who played in the KBO League, lost Game 7 of the Dominican League Final Series and finished second.

Rogers, who played for Hanwha and Nexen, pitched well with one run in 10 innings (average earned run of 0.90) in two games of the Final Series, but failed. Sosa, who won 77 games overall while playing for KIA, Nexen, LG and SK, became a pitcher who lost in Game 7.월카지노

Rodgers and Sosa played together for Toros del Este in the Dominican League regular season (50 games). Toros failed to advance to the semifinal series, and Rodgers and Sosa joined the semi – final team, Estrelas Orientalis, through the “Reentry Draft” at the end of the regular season.

Rodgers pitched in two games in the Final Series, posting one win and an unbeaten 0.90 ERA. He pitched 10 innings, allowing six hits, three walks, and one run with 10 strikeouts. He was the No. 1 pitcher among the two teams that advanced to the Final Series with 10 strikeouts.

Rodgers showed off his perfect pitching in Game 3 by allowing two hits and one walk in five innings. He pitched well as the third pitcher in the third inning when his team was losing 0-4, but was completely defeated 0-5 as the team’s batting lineup remained silent.

Estrelas won the first and second games and was close to winning the championship. However, he lost the third and fifth games. In Game 6, when Estrelas was on the verge of losing two games and three games, Rodgers took the mound as a starting pitcher and became the winning pitcher with four hits, two walks, five strikeouts and one run in five innings, leading him to Game 7.

Rodgers was in danger in the third inning with an infield hit and a walk, but he blocked a fly ball to the shortstop, a fly ball to the right field, and struck out swinging. He allowed a hit and a stolen base with two outs in the fifth inning when his team was leading 1-0, and allowed a 1-1 tie due to a timely hit. Esterales scored three runs in the top of the sixth inning to take a 4-1 lead, and later blocked the opponent’s pursuit and won 4-3.

Sosa took the mound as a starting pitcher in Game 7, and he became a losing pitcher with three hits, one walk, one strikeout, and two runs in two ⅓ innings.

Sosa allowed a leadoff man walk in the third inning, which was 0-0, and became a runner on second base with one out due to a shortstop throwing error when hitting an infield grounder. Sosa was replaced after receiving a timely hit. Sosa’s run became two runs as a relief pitcher was hit by consecutive doubles.

Estrelas was pulled to 0-3, and later got one run back in the fifth inning on a wild pitch by an opposing pitcher. He scored one more run in the seventh inning to chase 2-3 but the game ended with a one-run loss.

Sosa pitched in four games (one starting game) in the Final Series and allowed two runs and an ERA of 3.60 in five innings. He pitched well in the bullpen without allowing any runs, but his defense error in Game 7 was regrettable.

Sosa recorded an ERA of 1.45 in 10 ⅔ (18 innings) in the regular season, and one run (non-ERA) in five games (8 ⅔) in the semifinal series.

Rodgers joined Hanwha as a substitute in the second half of 2015, and posted 6 wins, 2 losses, and a 2.97 ERA in 10 games. He showed “heavy power” by recording three shutouts. In 2016, he recorded six games with two wins, three losses and a 4.30 ERA, and was released due to injury. Later, he returned to the KBO League by signing with Nexen in 2018, and was released after being injured again with five wins, four losses and a 3.80 ERA in 13 games.

Sosa had nine wins, eight losses and a 3.54 ERA with Kia in 2012. In 2013, he had nine wins, nine losses and a 5.47 ERA and failed to renew his contract. He signed with LG in 2015 after recording 10 wins, two losses and a 4.61 ERA in 20 games with Nexen in 2014. He played for LG for four seasons and recorded 40 wins and 41 losses. While playing in the Taiwanese professional baseball league in 2019, he joined the SK Wyverns as a substitute and recorded nine wins, three losses and a 3.82 ERA.

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