After a warm winter, I went to Australia… Moon Dong-ju said, “As much as I’ve increased my salary, I’ll take responsibility, innings ↑ I’ll do it.”

“As my salary has gone up, I feel responsible. My parents and I think I should do well.”

Rookie of the Year Moon Dong-ju (21) was rewarded with an annual salary increase for his performance last year. However, he said he felt more responsibility than joy.헤라카지노

Hanwha announced the results of its 2024 season salary negotiations on the 29th. Among the 45 candidates to be negotiated, Moon Dong-ju was definitely the one with the highest rate of increase (203%). After receiving 33 million won last year, he reached the 100 million won mark in annual salary this year. It was an annual salary worthy of his performance in the 2023 season with eight wins, eight losses and an ERA of 3.72, winning the Rookie of the Year award.

One day later, Moon left Incheon International Airport for Melbourne, Australia, where the 2024 spring camp will take place. When asked how he felt about the salary increase to Moon Dong-ju, who met with reporters before his departure, he said, “As my annual salary has gone up, I feel responsible. My parents and I think I have to do well accordingly.”

Moon dreams of playing beyond last year’s games. He defended his team’s starting lineup last year, but the Hanwha Eagles managed his innings. As a result, he ended the year in two international competitions without exceeding the required innings.

He will likely play more innings than that this year. Hanwha, which has failed to stabilize its starting lineup for a long time, hopes that Moon will maintain the center of its starting lineup along with foreign pitchers. If Moon, who won the Rookie of the Year award in 17 years since Ryu’s debut, grows as an ace in Korea like Ryu, it will be a good bet. What he needs the most is Moon. If he can play more than the regular innings beyond last year, it will be much easier to play the season.

Moon Dong-ju said, “I know I’m going to throw more innings than last year. I think it’s something I can do to prepare well as the goal is given.”

Moon, who was busy attending the end-of-year award ceremony last year, moved to the U.S. and focused on individual training before the spring camp. “It is too early to tell the outcome of individual training. My goal was to prepare well for the upcoming season this year rather than the outcome. I prepared well and recovered well,” Moon said. “I spent time getting to know my body again rather than pitching hard. I improved my understanding of my body and saw and felt a lot about what to do during training.” “I also visited the U.S. (to digest the innings). I am sure I have learned something, and I think I will be able to show you the outcome,” Moon said.

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