LG Is Good Even Without Maray, Bees to Win Basketball

LG beat Suwon kt 71-68 in an away game of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball League held at KT Arena in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on the 28th.

As a result, LG, which recorded 22 wins and 13 losses, rose to joint third place with KT, fueling the competition for the top spot. The championship race has become more exciting as the leading Wonju DB has been sluggish in the last five games with two wins and three losses.토토사이트

a close game in the fourth quarter when one free throw was precious

It was a close game from the first quarter, as a face-off between those who want to run away and those who chase. KT took the lead with Jung Sung-woo scoring a three-point shot, but LG also chased with Yang Hong-seok and Lee Seung-woo’s scores, ending with KT barely leading 22-21.

LG turned the game around in the second quarter. Lee Seung-woo scored five consecutive points and Lee Kwan-hee made a three-point shot, turning the game around instantly. On the other hand, KT only scored seven points in the second quarter as its fielding success rate declined due to LG’s persistent anomalous defense.

KT also could not easily step down in front of a packed crowd visiting its home stadium. Choi St. Mary’s and Moon Sung-gon hit three-point shots, and Paris Bath scored a dunk, narrowing the gap to three points.

Ultimately, it was the final fourth quarter of the match. KT persistently followed Jung Sung-woo’s three-point shot and Ha Yoon-ki broke through the basket. However, as the team was about to turn the tables, it missed critical shots in succession and missed its chance.

LG seemed to take a breather with Yang Hong-seok and Lee Kwan-hee cleverly getting a foul, but failed to escape by more than three points as they missed free throws one by one. However, KT’s bath failed to secure the victory just before the end of the game.

LG lost Maray, but what’s the secret to doing well?

LG has a big hole in its power. Asem Maray suffered a knee injury, and recently, he was ruled as if he had to sit out for an extended period of time.

The lack of Maray, the league’s No. 1 overall player and the top scorer in his team, was tantamount to telling LG to give up its competition to win the title. We need to find a new foreign player to replace Maray, but we need time.

LG chose “beef basketball.” The team has increased mobility by mobilizing all of its domestic players’ resources, and has been on the rise in recent five games with four wins and one loss.

On the same day, LG players actively participated in the rebound and accumulated points with bold speed. In particular, Juan Tello laid the foundation for his victory by catching 11 rebounds under the goal where Bath, Ha Yoon-ki and Moon Sung-gon were holding out.

Yang Hong-seok showed a sluggish 3-point shooting success rate of 25 percent, but he scored 12 points and six rebounds. In particular, he caught a decisive offensive rebound and made a free throw at the end of the fourth quarter, putting a dagger in the friendly team’s kt.

Attention is focusing on whether LG, which has found a way to overcome without Maray, will survive the tough high-ranking competition until the end.

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