New York Emergency Randall injured right shoulder… but he’s out for now

It is not easy for the New York Knicks to maintain internal power.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Woznarowski, Julius Randle (forward-center, 203 cm, 113 kg) of New York injured his shoulder.꽁머니지급

Randall got hurt in a home game against the Miami Heat on Monday (Korea time). With 4 minutes and 27 seconds left before the game over, Randall injured his shoulder and didn’t come back. New York beat Miami for six consecutive games, but Randall’s injury cost him dearly.

However, it is known that the injury was not serious. He dislocated his right shoulder but no significant damage was found. He will undergo a thorough examination soon. Depending on the result of the examination, the length of absence and the timetable for his return will be determined. New York has been on the rise since the OG Anubi trade, but Randall’s injury cast a dark cloud over his ability to maintain his power in the future.

Randall played as a starting player in all 45 games prior to his injury this season. He played 35.5 minutes per game, recording 24.1 points (.473.304.779) with 9.2 rebounds and 5 assists. He is responsible for the second-highest number of points and average rebounds in his team. Along with Jaylen Brunson, he is now at the center of the New York team’s strength. As he got injured, it became difficult to maintain his ranking in the future.

New York has been interested in a recent trade with Washington D.C. New York initially showed interest in reinforcing backup point guards as Evan Ponya and Quinton Grimes. However, Mitchell Robinson, the main center, is absent for a long time, and Isaiah Hartenstein, who is currently playing as a mainstay due to his absence, is under pressure. They are keeping an eye on Garford to prepare for emergencies.

Just in time, the Washington Wizards also reportedly showed interest in Grimes. Ian Begley of SNY said Washington is open to a Grimes trade. As Washington is about to rebuild, we need prospects like Grimes. It’s worth a deal. If New York also brings Garford, it can strengthen its power while filling in the inside.

Randall’s injury will be key, but if he also has to leave for a considerable period of time, Garford’s addition can help. He has to play as a center, but it’s not impossible to play as a power forward intermittently. If Randall comes in, he can support Randall and Hartenstein at the same time. Of course, Anuobi’s power has been arranged, so the concern may not be great.

Meanwhile, New York is ranked fifth in the Eastern Conference with 28 wins and 17 losses before the game. It has been on a huge rise lately, narrowing its gap with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are ranked fourth in the conference. Randall is not a big injury, and if Robinson joins at the end of the season, he could be aiming for a home court advantage in the playoffs.

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