“Is it you this time?” Manchester United, who is unfaithful, Rashford, who said he was injured, turned out to be a party at the club the day before

This time, it is Marcus Rashford’s lie. Rashford couldn’t attend the club’s training session on Wednesday (Korea time) ahead of the FA Cup. “Rashford wasn’t feeling well. Jonny Evans was also in pain. We need to see how they are doing,” manager Erik ten Haah said.마카오카지노

However, a surprising fact soon came to light. According to Dear Athletic, it was confirmed that Rashford was in a nightclub just hours before the training began. Images of Rashford playing at the club are spreading fast through social media. Manchester United have given players a day off since the last Tottenham match. During his vacation, Rashford went on a short trip to Northern Ireland. There is a reason. Rashford was signed by Northern Ireland’s champion, Lan. Rashford headed to Ireland to congratulate his close friend Ireland since his time at Manchester United. Rashford is said to have spent time at a bar called Laveris and a club called Thompson Garage. Manchester United said they were in Belfast until Wednesday evening, two days before training, but Dear Athletic said Rashford returned to Manchester on a private plane Friday morning after spending time at the club until Thursday night.

This is not the first time Rashford has caused controversy with a party. Rashford was criticized for throwing his birthday party in October last year when Manchester United lost to Manchester City. The party in China White only ended at dawn. It is unclear if Rashford remained until then. “He made a mistake, but he is not getting used to the team. I see him training every day, and I know what he is doing,” manager Ten Haah said.

Rashford, who emerged as the ace of Manchester United by scoring many goals last season, has been sluggish this season. He has only scored four goals. The issue of Jadon Sancho and Antony alone is a headache, but even Rashford have caused accidents, making manager Ten Haah’s mind more complicated.

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