“I’m going to hit a home run” MLB 54+minor 226+day 19 NC new big guns, confidence in front of my daughter

Matt Davidson (NC Dinos), a veteran first baseman who hit 301 home runs in 15 seasons in the Major League, Minor League and Japanese professional baseball, is looking forward to a new start in the KBO League. He expressed his ambition to hit a home run, hoping that he would be able to live in Korea as a member of NC Dinos.헤라카지노

Davidson signed a contract with NC for a total of 1 million dollars on the 11th. Although the upper limit that can be given to new foreign players has been met, the proportion of “performance” in the overall contract is quite high. Davidson’s contract was made with a down payment of 140,000 dollars and an annual salary of 560,000 dollars, with a guarantee of 700,000 dollars and incentives of 300,000 dollars. In the end, he can become a true new player of 1 million dollars only when he spends the full-time season healthy and leaves a quality report card.

What we have in mind is slugging capability. Davidson has been an eye of the NC Dinosaurs for the past few years. Along with Jason Martin, a foreign hitter who played for the NC Dinosaurs last year, he was the co-homer king of the Triple-A PCL (Pacific Coast League) in 2022. Again, the NC Dinosaurs wanted to recruit players, but Davidson signed a contract with the Hiroshima Carp of the Japanese pro baseball league last year. Davidson first played Asian baseball there.

Davidson posted on his Instagram account “Wearing Shot” of his NC Dinos uniform on Friday, and wrote, “I’m going to play in Korea this year for my team, the NC Dinos. I’m looking forward to going to a new country and hitting a home run there (Heading to South Korea this year for the @ncdinos2011 excited to see a new country and hit some homes).” He was making sure that he met his strengths and what the team needed.

He introduced himself as a “big first baseman who hits many home runs” by introducing himself to NC fans through a video on his YouTube channel “Entertainment.” The interview question was asked by his daughter, Bristol.

Davison said, “I’m a first baseman, and I’m happy to join NC and go to Korea. I hope NC fans know me better through my daughter, Bristol, Bill Moon.”

Davidson) “I stayed in Korea for a few days for the medical test last week. Everything was good, I haven’t been to NC Park, but I’m excited to be there soon and I’m looking forward to everything. I also like that the team color is blue. I’m happy to join the team. I’ll do my best to help NC win.”

Bristol) Do you know any players who played in the KBO League.
Davidson) “I know some players who played in the KBO League. I’ve heard many good things. I heard baseball was fun because the club took good care of foreign players and fans cheered for them. I’m thankful that NC officials treated me well. I have high expectations.”

Davidson) “My strength is that I’m a big first baseman who can hit a lot of home runs. I’ll record a lot of home runs and RBIs, and I’ll do a good job defending first base so that my team can win.”

“My goal for the 2024 season is for NC to win a lot of games. My personal goal is to do a good job defending the first base to help my team win, and to be helpful in defense, and to record a lot of home runs and RBIs for my team. I have high expectations for meeting NC fans. I’m happy and excited to learn Korean culture with my family.”

Davidson was selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks with the 35th draft pick in 2009. He has 54 home runs in the Major League, 226 in the minor leagues, and 19 in a season in the Japanese professional baseball. In 2017, he had his best season with 26 home runs in 118 games for the Chicago White Sox.

However, he failed to secure a position in the Major League and decided to take another opportunity in the Minor League to challenge himself to Asian baseball. He had 19 home runs in 112 games in Hiroshima last year. However, he failed to renew his contract in Japan due to his poor batting average and on-base percentage. He only had a batting average of 0.210 and an on-base percentage of 0.273.

“Davidson has a lot of experience in Major League Baseball and Japanese pro baseball, and he has excellent slugging capability. He has been persistent in his game with pitchers as he pitches more than 4.2 times per batter’s box in the Major League. I expect him to be the centerpiece of the team in the batting lineup.” As for his poor performance in Japan, he attributed his inability to adapt himself to the propensity of other pitchers in the U.S. baseball and his pitching form, including double-kicking. The KBO League proposed a total of 1 million U.S. dollars including incentives, hoping that there would be no problem.

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