From Monster Pitcher to ‘Gold’…Sasaki finally agrees with the club, MLB challenge – behind-the-scenes withdrawal from the championship will be revealed at a press conference

Loki Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines), who was attracting attention from major league teams, ended up signing a salary contract with his team amid the evaluation that his potential was superior to Yoshinobu Yamamoto (LA Dodgers).월카지노

Sasaki was the only “uncontracted” among the 12 Japanese professional baseball players who did not complete their annual salary contracts on the 26th. There were concerns that he could not start the spring camp that starts in February normally, but he was able to prepare for the new season safely as he found an agreement with the club that evening. Sasaki will hold a press conference soon and express his thoughts on why his salary contract has passed the year and his intention to challenge the Major League, which everyone is paying attention to.

Chiba Lotte announced that it has signed an annual salary contract with Sasaki at 6 p.m. on Wednesday. Japanese professional baseball teams and their players do not officially disclose their annual salaries. Instead, indirect information is disclosed in the form of “estimated annual salary” after the press conference, and in Sasaki’s case, only the fact that the team first agreed with the team was known. This suggests that the situation has turned urgent.

“Chiba Lotte has agreed to a contract with Sasaki. We plan to hold a press conference in the near future,” Japanese baseball media FullCount reported on the same day.

Ryozuke Tatsumi (Rakuten Golden Eagles), who had not signed an annual salary with Sasaki, completed his contract on the 25th. As Sasaki remained the only uncontracted player less than a week before the start of the spring camp, a prospect called the “Monster with Ray” could be branded as the “golden man” who only plays tug-of-war with the club.

A big problem is that the agreement did not appear to be merely a difference of opinion on the annual salary. The Japanese baseball community believes that Sasaki insisted on advancing to the Major League early on because the contract was delayed. “Sasaki is the only player among the 12 teams that has yet to sign a contract. It could become a reality to join the spring camp at his own expense. It has also been revealed that he has withdrawn from the Korean players’ association.”

Sports Hochi wrote, “We still have some time left until the Feb. 1 spring camp on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, but the next round of negotiations is undecided at this point. He seems to want to advance to the Major League early. In some cases, there may be a rare case of a player participating in the camp at his own expense.”

According to reports, Sasaki’s appearance at an external event was a fan appreciation event held at Jojo Marine Stadium, his home stadium, on Nov. 19 last year. Since then, there have been reports that Sasaki is aiming to advance to the Major League through early posting, and reports have continued that there is no conclusion in salary negotiations.

“Sasaki had been dreaming of joining the Major League even before he joined the team. Regarding the player’s demand for an early transfer, the club seems to be continuing a tug-of-war behind the scenes regarding the timing and conditions that must be met before then,” he explained.

Masato Yoshii, who experienced Major League Baseball with the New York Mets, indirectly expressed his position that Sasaki’s challenge is not yet time, saying, “Isn’t it something to do after paying back the favor to the club?”

Sasaki has only spent three seasons in the first division yet. Overseas FA (Japan’s domestic FA qualification and overseas FA qualification requirements are different. Overseas FA qualification occurs one year later than domestic FA) is practically a distance and a way to post fast.

However, a push for posting after the end of this season is not a way to benefit players. Sasaki is 22 years old this year, and he does not meet the requirements to become a free agent in the Major League yet. Under the current system, the only way for an overseas player who has not gone through a draft under the age of 25 to advance to the Major League is to sign a Minor League contract. It is difficult to seek “jackpot” through posting. Players can be labeled as a challenge, but clubs in a different position are in which the amount of posting money depends on the size of the contract.

Naturally, not only the Chiba Lotte club but also the Japanese media widely believed it was premature for Sasaki to challenge the Major League right away. Sasaki was cornered in more and more corners.

“Sasaki contributed to the championship by participating in the World Baseball Classic as a member of the national team last year and starting the semifinal match against Mexico,” Sports Hochi said. “However, in the regular season, he left the first division three times due to injury and fever, and failed to achieve the first defined innings since his debut. He played in 15 games and recorded seven wins, four losses and an ERA of 1.78, but he has never maintained the rotation for a year (since his debut).”

As Sasaki’s non-contract status continued, his withdrawal from the national team, which took place last year, has also become a big issue. According to Sports Hochi, Sasaki has already withdrawn from the national team’s roster since last year. The reason has not been revealed. The majority say that the decision is not directly related to his advance to the Major League due to timing. In fact, there have been cases in which players with high reputations, such as Hirokazu Sawamura (Chiba Lotte) and Norichika Aoki (Yakurt), have withdrawn from the national team’s roster.

However, it became a topic of conversation in a negative sense in that it was a rare case that a young player like Sasaki did not join the national team. “I know that Sasaki wants to challenge to the Major League, and I also root for her. However, if this continues, it will not look good to the fans,” said an official from the national team. Sasaki first agreed with the team on Wednesday to avoid the worst case scenario. At a press conference to be held soon, he is expected to reveal his hidden intention.

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