Shinhan Bank’s ‘Once Winning Rate 7%’ Counterattack… Now ‘Jeong Jo-joon’ to the semi-final PO stage

The women’s pro basketball team Incheon Shinhan Bank has launched a counterattack. The team, which had only one win and 13 losses and a winning rate of 7 percent in the early days of this season, has been clearly showing an upward trajectory with four wins and two losses recently. Already, the team has a chance to advance to the semifinal playoff. It is truly a rebellion that comes in last place.꽁머니지급

Shinhan Bank had a hard time from the beginning this season. It managed to report its first win in a month after the opening seven consecutive losses, but fell back to six consecutive losses. All the tactics and strategies it had prepared ahead of the season were in vain due to unfavorable injury conditions. Kim Tae-yeon and Byun So-jeong left due to injury, and the aftermath affected existing players. Shinhan’s fall to the bottom this season also seemed natural.

Before and after the All-Star break, a turning point was laid. It was the beginning of Kim Tae-yeon’s return from the injury. Shinhan Bank, which had been struggling to play the season with a small lineup, which was not even prepared properly, added to its height. The unstable defense regained stability, and not only Kim Sonia, but also beads, Kang Gye-ri, and Jinyoung Kim drew an upward curve in the attack. As various tactics combinations became possible, the team atmosphere changed at once.

The match against Bucheon Hana One Q held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 24th showed the changed image of Shinhan Bank. On the day, coach Gunadan started with a small lineup that caught the opponent off guard and confronted Hana One Q with frequent tactical changes during the game. At one point in the third quarter, the team faced a crisis as it fell behind to double digits and Kim Sonia got into foul trouble, but in the end, it turned the game around with the performance of “joker” Lee Da-yeon in the third quarter. The result was a thrilling two-point reversal. He had good concentration throughout the game, leading 35-23 in the number of rebounds, and four other players, including Kim Sonia (14 points), helped the attack with goals close to double digits. Gunadan’s wish to win before the game also became a reality.

With the victory, Shinhan has secured four wins (two losses) in the last six games. The team lost two games to overwhelming powerhouses Cheongju KB Stars and Asan Woori Bank. It had two wins against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and one win each against Busan BNK Sum and Hana One Q. Notably, it narrowed the gap between the fourth place and two games by securing Hana Q. “We do not see a PO yet. We have to overcome the challenges that will come.” However, Shinhan’s hope for a PO in the semifinals is positive given the decline of other teams including Hana Q.

Lee Da-yeon, who led the team to victory in the Hana One Q match, said, “I think it’s because we all have the same mindset and same mindset. The coaching staff always instills ‘Do or die’ when they exercise. I think it’s going well because everyone is united and working hard.” She also has strong mental strength and strong capacity. The women’s basketball PO is also on shaky ground due to Shinhan Bank’s fierce counterattack against last-place team.

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