Minnesota Twins Divide Hall of Fame Members in 2001 Draft

One of the tangible and intangible assets of major U.S. clubs is the production of Hall of Famers.

At the stadium, posters and heritage of the members of the prestigious exhibition produced by the club are displayed, drawing attention from fans. In addition to the National Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, there are also members of the prestigious exhibition for each team.

Among the new members of the 2024 exhibition, one-club men tote Helton of the Colorado Rockies and Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins are the most ideal. Of the 270 player masterpieces produced so far this year, 54 are one-club men.

If a player passes through multiple teams, a player chooses a team. The team’s lobbying is also intervened. In 2018, Vladimir Guerrero from the Dominican Republic became the third-ever member of the team. After the announcement, LA Angels owner Atte Moreno flew to Cooperstown the next day.

He wanted him to choose the Angels. Guerrero debuted for the Montreal Expos (now the Washington Nationals) and spent eight years, the longest eight-year MLB career. However, he won the MVP award with the six-year Angels. Guerrero became an Angels man and is invited to events to visit Angel Stadium often.

In 2001, the Minnesota Twins had the first draft and the Chicago Cubs had the second draft. At that time, Mark Pryor (43), the right-hander of USC, was the most likely candidate.

Pryor (currently LA Dodgers pitching coach), who is 196 centimeters tall and weighs 104 kilograms, made his university into the College World Series and was the best pitcher to sweep major awards such as the Golden Spike Awards, the best amateur award.월카지노도메인

Baseball is about pitching. Pryor had the potential to advance to the big league immediately within a year. The Twins were the bottom with 69 wins and 93 losses due to poor pitching during the 2000 season. Other than Pryor, top candidates were D-One Blazelton, Gavin Floyd, and left-handed hitter Mark Teseira (ranked No. 5) of Texas.

However, the Twins chose Mauer, a catcher from a local area (St. Paul). When he was a high school student, Mauer was an all-around player, including quarterback and basketball in American football. He promised to go to Florida State for verbal use as a football player. Mauer is also 195 centimeters tall. He is a huge catcher.

Mike Radcliffe, the scout who had been watching him for a long time, persuaded Terry Ryan, the then general manager. Ryan also recruited Park Byung-ho. The No. 1 draft is an absolute resource that can determine a team’s capability. It was a gamble to choose a high school catcher over a top-rated pitcher. Another factor in Mauer’s choice is that Fryer’s agent is Scott Boras.

Radcliffe Scout’s gamble was a huge success 23 years later, producing the club’s Hall of Fame membership. Pryor made his big league debut in 2002, a year after the draft. Mauer made his debut in 2004.

2024 Class. Adrian Beltre, Todd Helton, and Joe Mau, who became new Hall of Fame members in 2024, pose for a photo at the Cooperstown Museum on Wednesday. Cooperstown (New York State) |AP Yonhap News

Pryor elevated his stock price by ranking third in the Cy Young Award with 18 wins, 6 losses and an earned run average of 2.43 in 2003, the second year since his debut. However, he disappeared from the big league in 2006 when he was only 25 years old due to a shoulder injury. He made several attempts to return to the big league, but failed, and transformed into a leader.

Mauer stepped on the steps to the Hall of Fame, including three batting titles, the MVP (2009), and five-time All-Star selection.

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