Dyer’s forced debut! Second-half input → 6.7 points in rating… Bayern Munich wins 1-0 against Union Berlin

Eric Dier made his debut for Bayern Munich. Harry Kane, his best friend, suffered from stopping scoring.

Bayern Munich beat Union Berlin 1-0 in the 13th round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season at Allianz Arena, its home stadium, on the 25th (Korea time). Bayern Munich, which was held back by Werder Bremen in the previous game, quickly escaped the shock and continued to chase the lead.

As a result, Bayern Munich had 44 points on 14 wins, two draws and two losses, narrowing its gap with leading buyer 04 Leverkusen (48 points) to four points. Now, Bayern Munich, which has matched Leverkusen’s number of matches, can achieve its 12th consecutive Bundesliga title only when it narrows the gap in points in the second half.라바카지노주소

Bayern Munich, which needed a win, remained the starting lineup. With Kane at the forefront, they made up 11 starters: Leroy Sane, Jamal Musiala, Kingsley Coman, Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimihi, Rafael Guerreiro, Dayo Upamecano, Mathias the Licht, Konrad Reimer, and Manuel Neuer.

Union Berlin is not in a good pace this season. It was Union Berlin, which ranked fifth and fourth in the last two seasons, respectively, to become a new ambush in the Bundesliga, but it lost a lot of points in the early stages of this season. Notably, it lost nine consecutive games from Round 3 to Round 11, falling close to the relegation zone with no wins in a total of 10 games. Even after the year changed, there was still no room for a rebound as the game was tied with Freiburg.

As a result, Bayern Munich needed to change the atmosphere as it won the game significantly. Bayern Munich opened the scoring early on in the third minute when Sane, who received Kimmich’s pass, attempted a left-footed shot from the goal. In the sixth minute, Kimmich’s cross was also sent to the attacking camp and connected with a header. Upamecano, who also participated in the attack, made the second shot, but failed to penetrate the opponent’s goalkeeper.

Bayern Munich continued to bombard its defenders with attacks. It was obvious that its defenders were bold. Reimer fired with his right foot in the 12th minute and The Licht fired with his head in the 18th minute, but ended up leaving the net. He started shooting regardless of position. Starting with Komang, Goretzka, and Kimihi also fired shower shots for Union Berlin. At the 34th minute, Guerreiro also came up to finish with a shot and went down.

Bayern Munich, which had been pounding on Union Berlin with Sané’s left-footed shot until the end of the first half, had a decisive opportunity in the extra time. Goretzka’s mid-range shot was blocked by the opposing goalkeeper and fell in front of Mussiala. If it was Mussiala’s rebound shot, it would have been something to expect for a goal, but the goalkeeper was blocked.

Bayern Munich showed a one-sided trend by shooting 15 times throughout the first half, but failed to score a goal. Eventually, the match was decided in the second half, and Bayern Munich replaced injured Upamecano with Dyer after halftime. Dyer is a center back who was hired from Tottenham Hotspur through the winter transfer window.

In Tottenham, he was the fourth-ranked center back due to his slow and poor judgment, but now that Kim Min-jae was transferred to the Klinsmann team, Bayern Munich chose Dyer to reinforce its central defender. It was a moment when it was considered fortunate to recruit Dyer because Upamecano was not in good physical condition.

There is also an interesting story behind the contract. Kane played the role of agent in recruiting Dyer. Indeed, Kane praised Dyer several times. When Dyer joined Bayern Munich, Kane said, “I know how good Dyer is because I have known him for a long time.” Kane also added, “I am happy that Bayern Munich recruited Dyer. He will quickly adapt to the team.”

Kane was behind the recruitment because of the time he spent with Tottenham, which he grew attached to before this season. Kane was a player who spent a long time with Dyer as a player between Tottenham and the England national team. According to local media, Kane was known to have strongly recommended recruiting Dyer to Bayern Munich. Munich accepted Kane’s offer and eventually announced Dyer’s recruitment on its official website on the 12th. Kane’s wish came true.

There was a lot of talk about it. British media Sky Sports said, “Dyer’s move to Bayern Munich is an excellent move. Kane would have told Dyer what a great club Bayern Munich is.” “Dyer didn’t play soccer. Even when Tottenham’s key defender was injured. Coach Ange Postecoglou put forward a fullback even when the center back was injured. I think it was the right time for Dyer to leave Tottenham.”

▲ Bayern Munich defeated Union Berlin 1-0 in the 13th round match of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season at Allianz Arena, its home stadium. Eric Dier made his debut in the second half.

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