“You look like Joo Heejung”. Oh Jaehyun’s growth is all for a reason

This happened when he visited the SK Knights Gymnasium in Yangji, Yongin, in the summer of 2022. After the team’s training, one player stayed on the court and practiced shooting under the guidance of coach Han Sang-min. Lee’s exercise lasted about 30 minutes longer than expected, although the intensity of the team’s training was not weak. It was Oh Jae-hyun.

Throughout his professional career, he has been evaluated as a player with no shooting talent, but he had a special talent to overcome it. It is ‘effort.’ It is the greatest talent for young players who develop their skills. Oh was willing to invest his time in ‘effort,’ his best talent.

“Ju Hee-jung (Korea University coach) exercised the most among the players that I have ever experienced in my career as a player and a coach. No matter how hard someone tries, I have never seen anyone try as hard as Joo Hee-jung. Oh Jae-hyun does it like Joo Hee-jung does. Although shooting is said to be a weakness right now, he will become a player with decent shooting ability once he accumulates such practice,” Jeon said.

About a year and a half have passed since I talked with Jeon Hee-chul about Oh Jae-hyun. Oh Jae-hyun scored 36 points, including four three-point shots, in a home game against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang professional basketball league on the 18th. It was the most points since his debut.

The performance was so impressive that anyone who saw the game for the first time could feel that he was a player with incredible shooting ability from the beginning. In terms of shooting rhythm and confidence, he did not seem like a player whose weakness is shooting.라바카지노주소

As coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “Due to my hard work and steadiness, my shooting ability has improved beyond recognition as time has accumulated.” Up until the early days of this season, some teams offered 3-pointers to Oh Jae-hyun to defend themselves, but not now. They score 1.2 3-pointers per game with a 31.7 percent chance. The success rate of both scoring and 3-pointers has been on the rise every year. Although there are ups and downs, if the time of hard work continues to accumulate, steady probability will be added.

“Now, Oh Jae-hyun is not a player who will do birding (defending that gives shots),” said Kang Hyuk, manager of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, who faced SK on the 22nd.

“Oh Jae-hyun is still working hard. He always comes out to the gym to practice shooting or do weight training before going away after team training is over. He is a player who has made efforts. He will surely improve as much as he puts in his efforts. The amount of training he has to show unconditionally,” Jeon said with a smile.

Oh Jae-hyun, who was even teased by fans of the opposing team due to his lack of outside shooting ability, proudly listed on the 24 preliminary entries for the 2025 FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Asia Cup qualifying (Window 1) selected by the Korea Basketball Association’s Performance Improvement Committee on the 23rd.

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