Myongji University, who left for Vietnam’s off-season training, will have a total of six practice games

Myongji University strengthened its basic physical strength and improved its power through practice games in preparation for 2024 on Jeju Island from the 6th to the 18th.라바카지노주소

Despite the graduation of Jeong In-ho and Eom Yoon-hyuk, Myongji University drastically increased the number of new students available. Starting from Jeju Island’s off-season training, it has actively hired new students to prepare for games with as many players as possible.

Myongji University went on an overseas field training trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, on the 21st. In general, Japan, the Philippines, and China were the main places for field training in Asia. It was possible to train in Vietnam thanks to the bridge role of the Korea Multicultural Foundation.

Myongji University will hold a total of six practice games from the 23rd after training for local adaptation on the 22nd.

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