7 Worst Recruitments in the Winter Transfer Market From Helicopter to Piano Official

Who will be the worst recruit in the winter transfer market.

The U.K.’s “90MIN” said on the 22nd (Korea time), “Spending in the Premier League (PL) winter transfer market has steadily increased every year. They should always trade at a reasonable price, such as strengthening their power to compete for titles, strengthening their defense to rise to the TOP4, or recruiting goaltenders to escape the relegation zone. Some of them, like Nemanja Matic and Virgil van Dijk, have been very successful, but not everything went as planned,” pointing to the winter transfer market’s worst seven.월카지노도메인

First, Fernando Torres (Liverpool → Chelsea) was introduced. Torres, who shook the English arena with Steven Gerrard as the “Zeto Line,” moved to Chelsea, a club that is competing in the top ranks, drawing attention. At that time, Torres was deployed even by helicopter when the deadline for the transfer market was imminent. However, he failed completely. Since joining Stamford Bridge, he has never scored a double-digit goal in the league. His victory after scoring in the UEFA Champions League semi-final against Barcelona is consolation.

Next up is Andy Carroll (Newcastle → Liverpool). Liverpool immediately hired Luis Suárez and Carroll after saying goodbye to Torres. Suárez, who entered the big league for the first time, and Carroll, who was showing amazing performances at Newcastle, had mixed feelings afterwards. Suárez was active as a scorer before leaving for Barcelona, and Carroll was released shortly thereafter.

Alexis Sanchez (Arnal → Manchester United) was also introduced. The official announcement came along with the Manchester United fan signing “Glory Glory Man United” playing on the piano. Back then, the video touched the hearts of Manchester United fans, but it remains the worst recruitment that has been used as a meme to this day. Sanchez also failed to revive genealogy No. 7 and left forlornly.

Savio Nsereco (Brescia → West Ham), Wilfried Bonnie (Swansea → Man City), Kostas Mitroglu (Olympiacos → Fulham), and Juan Quadrado (Fiorentina → Chelsea) were also introduced. They had to play full strength immediately, but they are the ones with unfortunate luck, as Panic Buy.

Tottenham Hotspur is the most notable club in this winter. Timo Werner (formerly Leipzig) was hired on loan to replace Son Heung-min, who was transferred to the national team, and Radu Dragusin (formerly Genoa) was hired to reinforce the center back. The deadline for the transfer market is approaching.

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