0.1mm goal cancelled… Tajikistan with all its soul, 16 minutes of extra time, miracle round of 16 → ‘China’s frustration’

Tajikistan continued to play even though they were given 16 minutes of extra time in the second half. The determination to protect the victory led to the miracle of advancing to the round of 16 for the first time in history.

Central Asian ambush Tajikistan won 2-1 in the final Group A match of the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup against Lebanon at Altumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar, on the morning of the 23rd (Korea time).

Tajikistan, which tied China 0-0 in its first match and lost the second match to host Qatar 0-1, had to win the match against Lebanon unconditionally and wait for the result. Lebanon could also look to the round of 16 depending on the result of the Qatar-China match if it beat Tajikistan with a point by drawing the second match 0-0 with China.랭크카지노도메인

The match between the two teams showed their innocence on the ground. In the extra time of the first half, Mamatsov Sherboni (Estiquiol Dushanbe) scored a cool goal inside the penalty area by beating a defender on a pass from Rustam Soyrov (Lokomotiv Tashkent), but semi-automatic offside (SAOT) rang out. It was only a 0.1-millimeter gap.

At the moment when the 1-0 change to 0-0, China also finished the first half with the same score against Qatar. As the result, it was a ridiculous situation where China’s advance to the round of 16 was decided with a whopping three draws and two second place points.

However, both teams fiercely fought in the second half. Lebanon scored the first goal and ignited the fire. Outside the left side of the penalty area, Vassel Girardi (Bangkok United) curled a shot with his right foot to split the right corner of the net. It was a fantastic trajectory that makes it one of the best goals in this tournament.

However, Lebanon showed signs of bed football. The goalkeeper dragged his feet before kicking a goal, and the referee gave him a verbal warning. Later, a variable occurred. During the 11-minute ball contest, Kasem El-Jane, one of the pillars of defense, hit Alisher Zalilov in the shin. A VAR declared his exit.

Lebanon, which became outnumbered, began to hold out by replacing players, and Tajikistan continued to attack. In the 26th minute, Zalilov scored the net, but VAR declared offside. The problem was that the torso was a little more than the defender. In the stands, Tajikistan fans’ sighs and Lebanese fans’ cheers were mixed at the same time.

Tajikistan, which had to win, sent in a large number of strikers and paid off in the 35th minute. Parviz Zone Umarbayev scored a stunning left-footed free kick. Everyone cheered and even though China gave Qatar a goal for an instant, it gained ground by ranking third with two points.

Both teams repeatedly fell and fell. There was also a scene where he crawled out of the touch line and was treated. Still, they fought and Tajikistan made matters happen. On the first minute of extra time, Khamrokulov, who enjoyed a cross from the right side by Eshoni Pashanbe, turned to his head and scored the winning goal. Everyone jumped out and got tangled up. It was the moment when Lebanon’s time delay strategy was confirmed to have been a failure as a result.

A dramatic goal was scored, but the extra time was too long. Tajikistan was busy blocking and Lebanon counterattacked efficiently when one person was lacking, but it lost strength. The goalkeeper’s defense also overlapped. If it was urgent, it was so difficult that the Lebanese goalkeeper crossed the center line and even shot from a long distance.

After the match between the two teams, which exchanged simple soccer games, Tajikistan raised its hands and shouted at the sky. Lebanon, which advanced to the round of 16 at the previous championships, suffered setbacks. At the same time, China is aiming for a wild card given to the fourth team with good performance among the six teams with two points. In reality, it is difficult to advance to the round of 16 with two points.

Tajikistan’s willingness to play by banking on its soul has become hopeless to China. Qatar even had two wins and removed a large number of its main players from the 1.5th tier team. China failed to score a single goal and is destined to be eliminated from the group league. If it had played like Tajikistan, it would have scored at least three points in a game

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