Tottenham won’t sell “all-round tinkering”… “Refused Al Nasr’s proposal”

British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 21st (Korea time) that “Tottenham rejected Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia)’s offer for Emerson Royal.”

Emerson is a highly anticipated right-back when he joined FC Barcelona in 2019. However, he immediately wore a Real Betis uniform, and Barcelona inserted a buyback clause into Emerson’s contract in the process.

After two years with Real Betis, Emerson rejoined Barcelona ahead of the 2021-22 season. However, he moved to Tottenham right away. Barcelona President Juan Laporta sold Emerson to deal with the team’s serious financial problems at the time.월카지노도메인

Emerson has often been disappointed since joining Tottenham. The play was not detailed, and he drew resentment from Tottenham fans, especially by making inaccurate crosses. In addition, it was difficult for Tottenham to become a clear main player due to the ups and downs of the play in each game.

And this season, after Enze Postecoglou took Tottenham’s helm, there weren’t many opportunities. He has played in 18 matches in all competitions, nine of them substitutes.

Moreover, he has not been able to play as a right-back, his original position. This season, Maersong has only started two games as a right-back.

Still, Tottenham seems to be satisfied with Emerson. Tottenham faced difficulties in managing their squad this season due to a string of defensive injuries. Newly hired Mickey Van der Ben only recently returned after suffering a long-term injury in November last year. Christian Romero and Destiny Udogi were out of the team’s power, collecting cards frequently as well as injuries.

Whenever that happened, Emerson became Tottenham’s “all-round solder.” He played as a left-back and a center back that didn’t match well. As such, he faithfully played the role of “solver” that fills the gaps of key players regardless of position.

However, it is unlikely that Emerson will continue to be satisfied with this situation. Recently, Tottenham’s main defenders have returned one after another, reducing their position again. For now, Tottenham rejected Al Nasr’s offer for Emerson, but Emerson may want to move.

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