He also considered a permanent number, but postponed his “promise.” Why? “Discussion on Oh’s retirement, not yet.”

Oh Seung-hwan (42) of the Samsung Lions has booked “The Forever Samsung Man.” Oh Seung-hwan, who was a free agent, signed a total of 2.2 billion won on the 16th, including a two-year contract period, a 1 billion won down payment, and a total annual salary of 1.2 billion won with Samsung. Oh will play in the Samsung uniform until the 2025 season.

Except for six years (2014-2019) when he played in overseas leagues, he played only for Samsung for 13 seasons (2005-2013, 2020), and will continue his career as a Samsung man until he is 43. Given his considerable age, he is highly likely to retire from Samsung.헤라카지노

If this continues, chances are high that Oh’s jersey number (No. 21) will be permanently numbered. He is fully qualified. Oh garnered 400 saves in the Samsung Lions alone. From 250 saves, he has set a new record for the first time in the Korean pro baseball league. Since Samsung has also met the requirements of “one club man,” it is highly likely that his uniform number will be removed. He aims to become the fourth Lions pitcher to win the title since Lee Man-soo (22), Yang Joon-hyuk (10), and Lee Seung-yeop (36).

However, the FA contract did not include a permanent vacancy or Oh’s retirement plan. Considering his age and symbolism, he may have promised to do so during the contract discussion stage, but players and clubs have excluded the word “retirement.”

The Doosan-Samsung game took place in the sixth game of the Korean Series in Daegu on Oct. 31, 2013. Samsung’s Oh Seung-hwan and Jin Gap-yong are sharing the joy of victory. IS Photo

A high-ranking Samsung official said, “It is true that during this contract, people talked about plans to retire permanently. However, rather than discussing retirement now, the focus was on a player completing a successful two-year contract.” He also left open the possibility of renewing his contract two years later.

Oh played in 58 games last season even at the age of 42, recording four wins, five losses, 30 saves, and two holds with an earned run average of 3.45. Notably, he posted an earned run average of 2.20 holds at 32 games in the second half of the season. He ranks third in overall saves in the league, and remains competitive.

“A player like Oh Seung-hwan doesn’t even have to promise (post-retirement plan) but wouldn’t the club know what to do?” a source from the club said. “The player himself has a strong commitment to his performance, and the club believes that he can achieve good enough performance, so he proposed a two-year contract. I don’t think it’s time to consider retirement now,” he said, looking forward to his performance.

This season, Oh will challenge to set a new record for the oldest save in the history of the KBO league. The current league’s oldest save record is set by Lim Chang-yong as a member of the KIA Tigers on June 7, 2018. If Oh adds another save after mid-July this year, he will break this record.

Furthermore, if Oh succeeds in renewing his contract two years later, he could set a new record as the oldest player ever to take the mound in the league. The record is 43 years, seven months, and seven days that Song Jin-woo, former coach of the Hanwha Eagles, set in 2009. In order for Oh to break this record, he must throw the ball by spring 2026.

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