“Winter Queen” Kim Yu-na’s cheering, “Friendship rather than competition!”


It is Kim Yu-na, the ambassador for public relations, who waited for the opening of the 2024 Gangwon Youth Olympics more than anyone else.

The figure skating queen, a symbol of Korean winter sports, met with KBS and gave advice to her juniors not to risk their lives.

What does it mean?

This intangible reporter.


From attending various events to interviews and filming promotional videos, Kim Yu-na, the ambassador for the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics, was busy.마카오카지노도메인

[Kim Yeonah: “Time flies so fast seeing that it’s already the opening day.”]

Asia’s first youth winter Olympics following the impression of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, which he himself was a torchbearer.

Winter Sports Korea, a barren land of winter sports, is proud to have become a dream stage for winter prospects around the world.

[When I started figure skating, figure skating itself was not recognized… It’s refreshing to be one of the sports powers and come up to a position where I can give more opportunities to athletes from other countries]

Kim, who is serious enough to serve as an ambassador for the Winter Youth Olympics three times out of four, hopes the young athletes will have a healthy friendship instead of the fierce competition she experienced back then.

[Kim Yuna: “It was a good opportunity, but I don’t think it was a chance to risk my life. Get out of the competition, get close to the athletes, and experience other cultures.”]

Kim, who had a successful opening ceremony as a goodwill ambassador, plans to hold a talk concert during the competition, watch the games, and support the real teenagers

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