“The batter who sends the ball to the right best in Korea.” Hanwha’s 42-year-old legend praises… This is the charm of KIA’s 35-year-old second baseman

KIA Tigers’ second baseman Kim Sun-bin (35) is known as a “pushing master.” There is a reason why he posted a batting average of 0.303 in 1,509 games. He is a batter with small height but wide contact coverage. Since he freely pushes and pulls, he guarantees a batting average of 30 percent every year.

In the 2023 season, he also recorded a batting average of 0.320 and 48 RBIs, 41 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.739 runs batted in at 0.333 in 119 games. He needed management due to a bad ankle, and there was a time when he was absent due to an unexpected hand injury. If he shakes off the risk of injury this season, he is expected to play well.헤라카지노도메인

He renewed his contract with the FA for three years and 3 billion won. Even after this contract ends, he has the capacity to sign the FA contract once again ahead of the 38th season. Kim Tae-kyun, a Hanwha Eagles legend and KBS N Sports commentator, praised Kim Sun-bin on his YouTube channel Kim Tae-kyun [TK52] on the 17th.

“Kim Sun-bin is a player who is certain to defend second base, and he guarantees a batting average of 30 percent. He is the player who can send the ball the best in the right direction in Korea. That’s why he has a high average score. By sending the ball that way, he can cope with breaking balls and has a good batting eye,” Kim said.

Lee Seung-won, a scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks who co-hosts the broadcast with Kim Tae-kyun, also said, “Kim Sun-bin will likely send a hit towards the second base whenever something comes up.” Kim is a player who frequently uses highlight film because he is strong against chances of winning or losing.

He handed over the captain to Na Sung-bum. That does not mean that he is not the pillar of the team. Seo Kun-chang, the second baseman, joined the team, but strictly speaking, he does not appear to be a competitor for the position immediately. Seo is preparing for the season as backup to second and first base. However, it can be a healthy stimulus to Kim Sun-bin.

They will hold individual training sessions in Jeju Island. They led Park Chan-ho, Choi Won-joon and Park Jung-woo to set up a mini camp. Kim Sun-bin will likely serve as a good textbook for Choi Won-joon, who showed poor performance last season, and Park Jung-woo, who has to seek an empty spot in the outfield for the main league. This is the time to naturally exchange many stories with the Keystone duo Park Chan-ho to prepare for the season.

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