Neymar, Al Hilal are rumored to be terminated → “Fake News” refutes… but he still can’t play this season

Neymar, who has emerged as a Brazilian soccer star after Pele, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, gained worldwide attention since his days with Santos, and enjoyed his best days with Barcelona. The “MSN Line,” which was formed with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, was considered the best offensive power ever, leaving a short but strong impact.랭크카지노도메인

Later, he moved to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Neymar, who wanted to become the No. 1 player out of Messi’s shadow, moved to Paris, generating an astronomical amount of over 300 billion won (346.6 million U.S. dollars).

Life at PSG was rather difficult. He played more seasons than in Barcelona on the surface, but the actual number of matches was small due to minor injuries. He failed to become the “No. 1 player” because he failed to win the UEFA Champions League, which he hoped for.

As such, he ended his European career last summer. Saudi Arabia, which had been attracting so many European players since Cristiano Ronaldo, sent a love call and Neymar responded.

Neymar quickly adapted from Saudi Arabia. He showed off his skills by scoring three assists in three matches in the league. However, a negative factor hit him. He had an injury during a match in December last year. His severity was severe and his return schedule was expected in August 2024, when the Copa America will end.

Brazil is also embarrassed, but Al Hilal is also quite embarrassed. Some say that Al Hilal could terminate his contract with Neymar early. And it seemed to come true recently. Some officials said Al Hilal ended his contract with Neymar and is now in free agency.

However, it was a lie. “Al Hilal has not terminated his contract with Neymar. It was fake news. Al Hilal was just trying to create a foreign quota for Henan Roddy. Neymar won’t be able to play this season. He will return to the squad after that,” said Fabrizio Romano, a European football transfer market expert, on his SNS.

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