Korea Gas Corporation’s Yang Jae-hyuk is out of the season due to bad injury and ankle surgery

Korea Gas Corporation forward Yang Jae-hyuk (27, 193 centimeters) faced another bad injury. Yang Jae-hyuk, who was trying hard to take a leap forward, was out of power due to an ankle injury.

Yang was a promising forward who took an elite course. After serving as the national men’s basketball team for the U16, U18, and U19, he became the ninth player in the rookie draft in 2019 to join the Electronic Land (currently Gas Corporation) team. Yang, who had not been given many opportunities in the pro league, started playing in the second round this season after recovering from a wrist injury.마카오카지노도메인

With his gritty defense, he won the hearts of KGC head coach Kang Hyuk, and gradually increased his playing time. Together with Cha Ba-wi and Shin Seung-min, it was used as a card to strengthen KGC’s defense.

However, Yang Jae-hyuk suffered an ankle injury in a D-League game on the 10th, and was diagnosed with a ruptured nasogastric tendon on the 17th, and will be put on an operating table. Yang Jae-hyuk, who is scheduled to undergo surgery on the 23rd, is expected to return after rehabilitation for about six months.

An official from the Korea Gas Corporation said, “Yang Jae-hyuk worked harder than ever with his heart set. Even when he suffered a wrist injury, he was in tears and felt unfair, but I think his heart will hurt a lot.”

“It’s unfortunate that (Yang) Jae-hyeok was trying hard to be helpful to the team by running enthusiastically. I hope he can recover from his injury.”

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