Samsung bullpen finally completes ‘reorganization’… Now it’s time to prepare for ‘Future’ as well

Samsung has succeeded in achieving its off-season goal. It has completed its bullpen “reorganization.” Three of the league’s top finishers gathered at Samsung. Now it’s a fight. At the same time, we have to think about the next step. It’s “future” preparation.

Samsung has recruited five bullpen pitchers from outside this off-season. It has recruited Kim Jae-yoon (four years, 5.8 billion won) and Lim Chang-min (two years, 800 million won). It selected Choi Sung-hoon and Yang Hyun in the second draft. They are left-handed and sidearm pitchers, respectively. Lee Min-ho, who was released from the NC Dinosaurs, was also recruited through tests.헤라카지노주소

He also became an international free agent. He signed a two-year, 400 million won contract with Kim Dae-woo. “The finish line of the flower dragon” is Oh Seung-hwan. He signed the two-year, 2.2 billion won contract on Wednesday. One billion won (930,000 dollars) in down payment and 1.2 billion won (1,840 dollars) in total annual salary. His annual salary in 2024 is 400 million won (420,000 dollars), and he will be paid 800 million won (820,000 dollars) in 2025. It is fully guaranteed without any options.

The bullpen was the problem in the 2023 season. He was the lowest with an earned run average of 5.16. He ranked first in the league with 38 come-from-behind wins. As such, the back door was poor.

The 2024 season could be different. Kim Dae-woo and Oh Seung-hwan will remain in the team. Recruitment of Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min is highly likely. He has created 169 saves in total. He also made 32 saves and 26 saves in the 2023 season, respectively. The team has established a must-win group that can “delete” the seventh to ninth innings by adding Oh.

Choi Sung-hoon can also give a boost to the left-handed bullpen, which is lacking in the team. Yang Hyun is a pitcher who will fill the position that Woo Kyu-min left. If Lee Min-ho, who reigned as an “all-weather pitcher,” recovers, the bullpen will become stronger. He can also start if he has more chances.

Samsung’s Choi Choong-yeon is pitching hard against LG in the 2022 KBO League at Daegu Samsung Lions Park. Photo | Samsung Lions

Now we have to look the other way. It’s not just 2024 that needs to be done. It continues. Oh Seung-hwan, Kim Jae-yoon, and Lim Chang-min cannot be “dried and worn out.” In addition, they are old. This year, Oh Seung-hwan is 42, Kim Jae-yoon is 34, and Lim Chang-min is 39.

In the short term, Oh Seung-hwan and Lim Chang-min should be found as a successor within two years when their contract ends. Even in the long run, it is within four years for Kim Jae-yoon to endure. It can’t be easy to make a winning team. In particular, Samsung has struggled to foster its bullpen in recent years.

It’s not that there are no players. There are young resources. They just haven’t cracked the egg yet. The coaches have to make it well. Of course, the efforts of the players are important. This spring camp is the starting point.

Recruitment of FA is certain to be effective. Instead, a player who wants to play for FA does not come out every year. It is not easy to spend money every year. The basics should be ‘internal development’. If one spends time in the Eoyoungbu team, one may have a hard time again.

Samsung built a dynasty through self-discipline. Oh Seung-hwan, Kwon Oh-joon, Kwon Hyuk, An Ji-man, and Chung Hyeon-wook were all players nominated by Samsung to raise them.

Ten years have passed since the last Korean Series victory. To become a sustainable strong team, players from below must keep coming out. For now, I bought time by recruiting players from outside. I have to use this time well. I have to raise them to live.

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