‘151.8 billion’ Lee Jung-hoo will join SF in late February… Confirming the convocation of ML camp, Ko Woo-seok’s No. 1 start → Kim Ha-sung will be deployed

The schedule for spring camps of all 30 Major League teams has been announced. Ko Woo-suk (San Diego Padres), who joined the big league this year, will be the first player to prepare for the 2024 season. Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), the “grandchild of the wind,” is also expected to join the team from late February.

“MLB.com ” announced the schedule of 30 major league teams’ spring camps on the 18th (Korea time). Pitchers will join in mid-February and fielders will join in late February to prepare for the 2024 season.

This year, more Korean big leaguers are expected to play in the Major League than last year. This is why Lee Jung-hoo, the grandson of the wind, will take the big league stage. Lee Jung-hoo challenged the Major League through the posting system after the 2023 season, and entered the big league in December last year with a six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants.월카지노도메인

Lee Jung-hoo is not the only new big league player. Ko Woo-seok, who rowed when water came in after receiving a “surprise” request for identification from the Major League Baseball secretariat last year, also successfully signed a two-year, 4 million-dollar contract with the San Diego Padres. In particular, Ko received an offer from San Diego just before the posting deadline, and quickly left for the U.S. to sign a “buzzer-beater contract.”

With Ko Woo-seok entering the big league with Lee Jung-hoo, a total of six players, including “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (FA), “Awesome Kim” Kim Ha-sung (San Diego), Bae Ji-hwan (Pittsburgh Pirates), and Choi Ji-man (FA), are expected to play in the Major League in the 2024 season. Although he has yet to find a new destination, Ryu Hyun-jin is taking the move with his top priority to remain in the Major League.

First of all, there is demand for Ryu. Ryu did not sign a contract, but until recently, he was linked with the New York Mets. And now he is receiving attention from the Baltimore Orioles. The possibility of returning to the “friendly” Hanwha Eagles cannot be ruled out, but as he remains healthy and competitive to play in the big leagues, he is highly likely to remain in the Major League.

Choi Ji-man, who suffered a severe slump last year, is expected to remain in the U.S. as there are obstacles to his return to the KBO league. It may be difficult to get a high-quality contract because he had such a sluggish season, but he can seek a rebound through a single-year contract. If Ryu Hyun-jin and Choi Ji-man remain in the big leagues, a total of six players are expected to play in the Major League in the 2024 season.

As the spring camp begins, Korean big leaguers are moving to the U.S. one by one. The first person to take part in a trip to the U.S. is Bae. After joining the big league for the first time in the 2022 season, Bae left for the U.S. on last Wednesday to show better performance. Bae will conduct personal training with Kang Jung-ho, a former Pittsburgh native, and begin his official camp schedule.

According to MLB.com , pitchers Bae Ji-hwan will be called up on Feb. 15. Fielders will join the team from Feb. 20, five days later than pitchers, and will prepare for the 2024 season.

Kim Ha-sung and Ko Woo-suk are planning to prepare for the season together at this year’s Major League spring camp. For now, Kim Ha-sung will leave for Los Angeles on the 20th and start his personal training. Unlike other clubs, San Diego has a very early call-up schedule. Pitchers will start preparing for the 2024 season from February 12. Therefore, Ko Woo-suk will join the team first and prepare for the season with Yu Darvish and Yuki Matsui. Fielders are expected to deploy Kim Ha-sung a little later on February 17.

Lee Jung-hoo, who took the big league stage for the first time with high expectations in the stove league, will also prepare for his debut season from late February. In the case of San Francisco, pitchers will be called in on February 16, and fielders will be called in from February 21. Lee, who is still staying in Korea, has yet to disclose his departure schedule.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, which includes Shohei Ohtani, who signed the largest 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract in the world’s professional sports history, and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who has a 12-year, 320-million-dollar contract, will call in pitchers from Feb. 10. Then, the fielders will join on Feb. 15 to bring the team together.

Meanwhile, the opening game of the Major League will be held at 7:05 p.m. on March 20 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. San Diego vs. Dodgers. This is the first time that a major league game will be held in Korea. The opening game in the U.S. mainland is expected to have plenty of attractions from the beginning. From March 29 to April 1, you can see Lee Jung-hoo, Ko Woo-suk and Kim Ha-sung all in a showdown between San Francisco and San Diego. After the opening four games in the mainland, San Francisco and the Dodgers will face off, with Lee Jung-hoo, Ohtani and Yamamoto scheduled to take the same field.

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