Sting’ Choi Seung-woo tries to win two consecutive UFC fights… on April 7th against French divinity

“Sting” Choi Seung-woo (31) will challenge for his second consecutive UFC victory.

Morgan Charier (28, France), nicknamed “The Last Pirate,” will face off as a featherweight at UFC Fight Night 242 at UFC Apex in Las Vegas on April 7 (Korea time).마카오카지노도메인

Choi Seung-woo is a former member of the Muay Thai national team. He turned to mixed martial arts in 2015, became a TFC featherweight champion in 2016, and advanced to UFC in 2019.

After his Octagon debut, he drew an upward curve with three consecutive wins after two consecutive losses, but from October 2021 to November 2022, he lost to Alex Caceres→Joshua Calibao→Michael Trizano one after another and was on the verge of being kicked out.

Having another chance to join the UFC, Choi fought tooth and nail to achieve a valuable victory. In August last year, he secured a 3-0 decision victory in the third round by banking on Zarno Erens.

Choi will try to win consecutive games again with four wins and five losses (11 wins and six losses overall). Choi, who is enjoying the mood by winning two consecutive games → three consecutive games → three consecutive games → one win, is facing a crisis again.

His opponent, Charlier, stood out in the British group Cage Warriors. Cage Warriors is a group where Conor McGregor has become champion in two weight classes, featherweight and lightweight, and has brought several strong players to the UFC.

In his Octagon debut match in September last year, Charier knocked out Manolo Zekini with a first-round body kick to prove his strong batting ability. Overall, he had 19 wins, one draw and nine losses.

The main event of UFC Fight Night 242, where Choi Seung-woo will compete, is a middleweight match between Marvin Vettori and Brendan Allen.

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