Lee Kwan-hee, who shone in the All-Star Game after “Solo Hell”… “I’ll listen to you when I go back to Changwon.”

Lee Kwan-hee (LG), who recently gained popularity by appearing in the Netflix dating reality show “Solo Hell 3,” was selected as the best star in the All-Star game, catching the attention of basketball fans.라바카지노도메인

The 2023-2024 Professional Basketball All-Star Game took place at the Sono Arena in Goyang on Sunday. In the All-Star Game, the team coax led by coach Cho Sang-hyun beat Kim Joo-sung’s team Cblemont 135-128.

As the game was an All-Star game, various events were held for fans. The three-point contest, a dunk contest, dances performed by players and coaches of both teams, and gifts of prizes were given to fans.

After the game, Jamil Warney (SK), who scored 51 points in his first All-Star Game, won the MVP, and Lee Kwan-hee, who recently appeared in “Solo Hell 3” and attracted many fans, won the Best Entertainer Award.

During the All-Star Game, Lee had a showdown with Cho Sang-hyun, his team’s head coach, as an enemy. Lee Kwan-hee, who closely defended Cho, drew laughter by intentionally pushing and hitting him.

“I pushed (Coach Cho) down twice, so I won,” Lee said. “I only had a chance to hit him today, so I did that.” “When I go back to Changwon (where my team is), I will listen to the coach well.”

When asked about his one-on-one match with Lee Jung-hyun, who has a relationship with Lai, during the first quarter, he said, “I have nothing to say as a player who is good at getting fouls just by rubbing his collar,” adding, “I was going to stage a matchup, but my teammate Yang Hong-seok blocked me, and I got angry. I should go to Changwon and educate him properly.”

When asked about the fact that the cast of “Solo Hell 3” visited the stadium, he said, “They are new to basketball, but they wanted to come, so I invited them,” adding, “I think their visit to the stadium would have been a good service to the fans who enjoyed watching the show. My friends also went well.”

Lee Kwan-hee, who will enter the second half after the All-Star break, said, “In the third and fourth rounds, Asem Maray failed to play due to injury, so the team slowed down,” adding, “I think as Maray returns to good health, I will be able to catch up with second-ranked SK again. I will prepare well to win against KCC, the first game of the second half.”

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