Clippers hope to host 2026 All-Star Game in new stadium

The Los Angeles Clippers are aiming to host the All-Star Game in their new home turf.

According to Shams Karania of The Athletic, the Clippers hope to host the All-Star Game on their new home court.

The NBA has reportedly decided on Intuit Dome, the new stadium for the Clippers, as the venue for the 2026 All-Star Game. Intuit Dome will be used as the next home for the Clippers from the 2024-2025 season.

The Clippers shared a home with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings (formerly known as Staples Center). However, the Clippers wanted a new home after Steve Ballmer, the owner of the team who has repeatedly shown off his affection for the club, was appointed. The value of the Clippers’ home court is expected to increase even further as the new stadium opens next season and the All-Star Game opens later on.라바카지노

Furthermore, there are a number of superstars on the Clippers. As many as four former and current All-Stars are located. Among them, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have been in the team’s one-two punch for years. Here are James Harden and Russell Westbrook, who were MVP of the regular season. Norman Powell, Terrence Mann, Ivica Zubaci and others are all around the ranks.

The Clippers are the favorites to win this season. Leonard, George, and Harden are leading the team in a clear triangle formation, while Westbrook is playing the role of a key six man. Thanks to this, they are ranked fourth in the Western Conference this season with 25 wins and 13 losses. Since there is not much gap with the lead, they can seek further leaps.

Meanwhile, the 2024 All-Star Game will be held at Gainbridge Field House, the home court for the Indiana Pacers, and will be held at the Golden State Warriors’ Chase Center in 2025. As the venue for the 2026 All-Star Game has yet to be decided, the Clippers are hoping to host it.

For your information, LA played the All-Star Game at Staples Center in 2018, and Inglewood, home to the Clippers’ stadium, could host the first All-Star Game in a really long time since 1983. Inglewood held its first All-Star Game back in 1972. When it is hosted by the Clippers in 2026, it will have its third All-Star Game.

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