Thank you for your interest.” How do you feel about facing Yang Jae-min, Lee Dae-sung, and Jang Min-guk

Yang Jae-min (24, 200cm) looked back at the Korean derby against Lee Dae-sung (Mikawa) and Jang Min-guk (Nagasaki).

Yang Jae-min, who became the first Korean to play B. Leaguer after heading to Japan in 2020, has already played for four seasons. Ahead of this season, he built a new nest at the Sendai 89ERS, and posted 6.1 points, 3.0 rebounds, and 1.0 assists in 26 regular league games by playing 17 minutes and 55 seconds on average. He has contributed to his team through defense and bad practices that are not revealed in records, and is expanding his presence.라바카지노도메인

In this season’s B. League, not only Yang Jae-min but also Lee Dae-sung and Jang Min-guk are playing. Yang Jae-min faced off against them and the Korean Derby was held in Japan. It received so much attention that the B. League YouTube channel broadcasted the Korean Derby live. As Japanese basketball and B. League are emerging in Asia, there is a possibility that more Korean players will enter Japan in the future.

How is your life in Sendai?
Compared to the previous team, the playing time has increased relatively, so I have a comfortable mind. Sendai is a big city, so it is satisfactory in terms of living. There are a lot of people, buildings are high, and there is a subway station right in front of the house. There is no major inconvenience, but there is still a little difficulty in communicating.

Do you think you’ve grown by yourself throughout your career in Japan?
Of course. When I first came to Japan, I didn’t know much about the scale and style. I wanted to do well, but I couldn’t. There was a limit to my role in the league, but it took me a long time to accept it. Now, it’s already my third team, so the time to adapt to the coach’s style has been shortened.

What role do you ask for in your team?
If you watch our team play, it can look like I’m standing still in the corner. They point out that there is no movement, but in Europe and Japan, there are fixed players who play two-man games, and the rest are mainly located in corners. On the other hand, Korea prefers all five players to move. However, if I take my movement carelessly, the spacing can be broken. Now I’m somewhat accustomed to it. I’ve trained a lot to take the spacing out of the corners. I try to play while looking at the chances derived from the corners.

Lee Dae-sung and Jang Min-guk faced off?
It was amazing when we stood on the court together. Until last season, I had never had a showdown with a Korean player. This season, there are many articles from Korea, and thank you for your interest. I’m very happy to see you, but I can’t afford to care when I enter the game.

Do you have any desire to play in Korea?
As a Korean player, it is natural that I want to play in the KBL. I feel very lonely right now, but if I go to the KBL, my friends and family can come to support me a lot. However, there are difficulties under the current KBL system. If I join the KBL through the rookie draft, it will take too long for me to qualify as a free agent for the first time. After serving in the military, I am a free agent at the age of 34-35. If the system changes a little, I want to play in Korea.

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